Friday 28 September 2018

Netanyahu at the UNGA

Netanyahu claims existence of a second nuclear site in Tehran

27 September, 2018

After revealing Iran’s secret nuclear archives in Tehran earlier this year, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu displayed a map showing the address of Iran’s Secret Atomic Warehouse in his speech at the UN General Assembly on Thursday. He estimated the secret site contained 15 containers full of nuclear materials and equipment, a total of 300 tons. Netanyahu said that the Iranians are busy clearing radioactive materials out of the site in case of discovery. He appealed to the international watchdog to inspect the facility before it is too late. The Prime Minister, in his tenth annual UN speech, reiterated that Israel will never allow a regime that seeks its destruction to develop a nuclear weapon. Israel will defend itself, he said, against Iranian aggression everywhere – in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

Turning to Hizballah, Netanyahu produced satellite photos of its secret launching sites for advanced missiles aimed against Israel in the close vicinity of Beirut international airport. He warned the Shiite organization that Israel is watching its actions and knows what it is up to.

Here is President Hassan Rouhani 's speech at  the UN

Liberty Report: ‘The Good, Bad, & The Ugly’ of Trump’s UN Speech

There wasn’t much ‘good’ at all in President Trump’s speech Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly, prompting the question ‘what were the speech writers smoking?’ when they wrote it:

Seriously @realDonaldTrump, that was the most pathetic, limp-wristed, nonsensical pile of steaming cow patties in history of the . You're fooling no one. So the question I have is: who wrote that speech and what drugs are they on?
Daniel McAdams is joined by special guest Phil Giraldi to break it all down on a new Ron Paul Liberty Report, covering everything from North Korea, Iran, Yemen, to ‘all the shills on the Hill’ and ‘ravenous Neocons’ in Washington who contributed to this international spectacle. Watch:

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