Sunday, 5 August 2018

More from the attack media onMolyneux/Southern

Right wing Canadian speakers spark heated protests in Auckland

Far-right activist says PMs comments show limits of tolerance
A Canadian far-right activist is criticising the prime minister's comments on the controversy over her speech as "virtue signalling nonsense".
Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

5 August, 2018

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux could not find a venue in Auckland prepared to host their speaking tour on the dangers of multiculturalism.

In posts on Twitter, Lauren Southern said the prime minister's comments were a blatant display of the limits of diversity.

She said Ms Ardern claimed to support diversity, but cannot support differing opinions being espoused peacefully.
Ms Southern said it was ironic to see the left cheering her being silenced, given the outrage over whether a baker had the right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple
A blatant display of the limits of "tolerance" and "diversity".

You say you support multiculturalism / different views / diversity - but you can't even support different opinions being espoused peacefully for one night?

It's all virtue signalling nonsense.
We had a sold out show & an agreement with a venue that was broken.

Other venues couldn’t be used because of government intervention or threats of violence.

That’s not the free market.

Also very ironic to see the left cheering this on after their outrage over gay cakes.

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