Sunday, 5 August 2018

"Civil Disturbance" declared in Portland,Oregon

I am sure parts of both sides are as bad as each other. The violent pedigree of Antifa is well-known.
"Civil Disturbance" Declared After Portland Riot Cops Use Flash Grenades On Antifa

From Zero Hedge

Police in Portland, Oregon declared a civil disturbance on Saturday after counter-protesters from Antifa showed up at a downtown Patriot Prayer rally and threw projectiles at the police, resulting in the deployment of flash grenades.

The disturbance comes around a month after "Rose City" Antifa squared off with conservatives in a violent altercation that took place in the middle of Second Avenue.

Meanwhile, Portland PD announced that they were shutting down the protest near SW Naito Parkway and SW Columbia streets:

Earlier in the day a man "got in a struggle with some black clad dudes over a flag and one of them clubbed him," according to journalist Mike Bivins, after which the man bled onto the street.

Signs at park entrances say "No Weapons" and are being widely ignored. Participants from BOTH sides are arranging to rendezvous with folks who enter UN-ARMED, then meet those folks along the fence line to hand weapons over the fencing. When the weapon owner then goes through the entrance un-armed, they rendezvous again and receive the weapon back from the person to whom they smuggled it over the fence:

From Portland Police Bureau:

In an attempt to create a safe environment for people to practice their First Amendment Rights to speech and assembly, the Police Bureau has requested a fence be erected along the north, west and south sides of Tom McCall Waterfront Park between Southwest Salmon Street and Southwest Morrison Street. There will be multiple entrance points with security screening locations at each entrance. The multipurpose path along the seawall will remain open and the Police Bureau does not plan to block the path with fencing at this time. Both crosswalks over Southwest Naito Avenue at Southwest Taylor Street will be closed while the fences are in place. A map of Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the fencing and other information is provided with this release.

-- PPB, August 4, 2018

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