Saturday, 9 July 2016

The latest from Paul Beckwith on Jet Streams crossing the equator

The latest from Paul Beckwith.

Perhaps he will make another video which will demonstrate when the jetstreams were last “normal” and didn’t mix air between the hemispheres.
That might provide the best evidence against the detractors

More Evidence On Equatorial Crossing Jet Streams

In a recent video I showed the northern hemisphere (NH) jet stream crossing the equator and merging with the Southern Hemisphere (SH) jet stream.

Here I show many recent examples of NH troughs merging with SH crests, and vice versa.

I argue that the root cause is very rapid Arctic temperature amplification, due to exponentially declining sea ice and spring snow cover.

As jet stream behaviour becomes more erratic, extreme weather events will continue to worsen, with escalating societal costs.

The sad thing is that this is so unnecessary.

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