Wednesday 27 July 2016

Bernie Sanders supporters locked out of DNC


Undocumented Bernie Supporters Kept Out of DNC Convention by a WALL

4 miles of fencing around DNC

The Democrats won’t let the masses of Bernie supporters into the Convention area and they built a wall to keep them out – a WALL! But they are just people seeking a better life. Besides walls don’t work, do they?

The Democrats built a wall to keep other Democrats out. Oh, such irony.

The “inclusive” Democrats built 8′ walls that are 4 miles long around their convention site overnight!

building ANOTHER wall overnight & not a bridge, to keep people out.

They even have a wall around the podium but I thought this was supposed to be a borderless world?

WOW! Democrats Build a Wall Around the Podium in Philly: WOW! But Walls Don’t Work…. Right? Democrats built a...

WOW! But Walls Don’t Work…. Right? Democrats built a 4 mile double fence outside the DNC Wells Fargo Convenion Center ...

More walls! I have a question, did the Bernie supporters pay for it?

TeleSUR Host Abby Martin Released After Violent Arrest at DNC.

We will not be silenced.

Thank you everyone for your support after our host,
Abby Martin, was arrested yesterday at the #DNC
protests for literally nothing.

Here she explains how she got arrested and why

NinaTurner, Prominent Sanders Delegate, Ejected from DNC

Source close to former Ohio state senator confirms to Common Dreams that credentials were stripped

Just before former president Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, progressive social media lit up with news that former Ohio state senator Nina Turner, one of Bernie Sanders' most celebrated surrogates, had her convention credentials stripped by the DNC and was ejected from the convention hall.

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