Wednesday 27 July 2016

Warmonger Clinton chosen as Democratic candidate

Hillary Clinton clinches democratic presidential nomination in roll-call vote

A delegate wearing rooster headgear with a picture of Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the side walks across the floor of the convention during the second night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., July 26, 2016. © Jim Young

26 July, 2016

Hillary Clinton has officially become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, securing the support of delegates in the roll-call, despite sharp divisions and mass disappointment of Sanders’ delegates.

The roll-call vote has officially ended the race of the “disappointed” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s only party rival in the fight for the nomination.

Sanders, who officially endorsed the former Secretary two weeks ago, has spent the first two days of the convention in Philadelphia calling on his delegates and supporters to back Clinton as the only way to unite and defeat Donald Trump in November.

In a move meant to signify that unity, the Vermont senator has reportedly asked that his state vote last in the roll-call, despite the alphabetical order, so that he could see how Washington and Wisconsin cast their ballots before calling for Clinton to be nominated by acclamation.

Sanders, per his spox, wants the VT delegation to go last in tonight’s roll call vote & to nominate HRC’s name via unanimous acclimation.

The Democratic roll call vote on the party’s official nomination has shown strong support for Sanders, whose name was also put forward on the floor. The procedure has been said to be “mostly symbolic” and is widely seen as a gesture for the thousands of disappointed Sanders’ supporters that have been protesting Hilary Clinton’s nomination since Day One of the Convention.

Updates: A fight appears to have broken out in Philly

The Vermont Senator, who has not yet officially suspended his presidential campaign, managed to secured the support of 1,894 delegates, versus Clinton’s 2,807. However, he still came up short of clinching the official nomination, which requires 2,383 delegates.

Sanders has been urging his delegates to support Clinton with their votes, a call that has been met with loud boos by his supporters.

Protesters outside chant "Bernie beats Trump, Trump beats Hillary"
The crowd erupted with chants “We want Bernie!” and “Take it to the floor!” drowning out chants of “Hillary! Hillary!” from Clinton supporters.

We have got to obviously elect Hillary Clinton,” Sanders told delegates from Wisconsin, Montana, and Alaska on Tuesday.

Despite Sanders’s calls for the party to unite behind his rival, his supporters took to the streets under the burning sun for the second day on Tuesday, chanting “Bernie or bust!”

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