Saturday 30 July 2016

Donald Trump's speech

Listen to Donald Trump on his own terms rather than what the fascist echo chamber is saying.

Yes, his politics are disgusting, but what’s new?

I heard half the speech and he said three things:
  • Hillary is a swindler and a liar (we know that)
  • We’re going to make America great again” (lol)
  • We’re going to build a huge bloody wall”
You can’t tell me that there is anything worse in what Donald Trump is saying than what the liars and hypocrites around Killary Clinton are DOING.

I don’t think he’s going to press the button like Killary will.

And guess what. He doesn’t use a teleprompter.

Donald Trump responds to Hillary Clinton acceptance speech

"Bernie Sanders Sold His Soul To The Devil"

If you want to listen to Hitlery Clinton's speech accepting her enthronement here it is


  1. That's nice. You don't live in the US and you don't have to live under right wing Republicans- I'll take my chances with'Killary' than with Trump. I saw what happened in NO when Katrina hit and the response of the Bush government. BTW - I never voted for the Clintons - always voted green - I could see the evil unfolding. I will just not abide by Trump - Cheney is 100 percent better and he is a war criminal. I truly despise Trump - I mark him as the end of the US - maybe that is why you like him. If he becomes President there will be white vigilantes going into black neighborhoods and shooting people down. He is the ultimate white leader and he believes in the supremecy of the white race. So evil.

    1. Quite. You illustrate my thesis perfectly. America is collapsing and Donald Trump will likely accelerate that process in my estimation. It is like a choice between civil war in America and the world going up in smoke in a thermonuckeR war. Each is as likely as the other. Sorry to say it, but as an outsider I'm more concerned about the rest of the world than I am about America. However, I susoect we're all damned either way


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