Monday 28 April 2014

Recruiting for the Jihad against Russia

Georgia started the recruitment of mercenaries to send to Ukraine
Kiev authorities have urged Georgian nationalists to fight with supporters of federalization and Russia
В Грузии начали вербовку наемников для отправки на Украину

27 April, 2014,

According to "Izvestia" hiding in Finland former chief bodyguard of former President Gamsakhurdia Gocha Bahia organized for volunteers to participate in military operations against the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. As sources told the publication in the Georgian Parliament, recruitment recruits carried out mainly in Tbilisi from local nationalists.

According to sources, "Izvestia", the funding goes through the recruitment of volunteers Georgian NGO "Free Zone" and the party "United National Movement" (ISNA), which was in power under President Mikheil Saakashvili.

- Enlist mostly young people who have not yet decided on their political preferences, or those who hate Russia and close to radical groups and gangs, - said one of the sources.

Another source "Izvestia" in the Georgian parliament said that "United National Movement" and NGO "Free Zone" never concealed its negative attitude to Russia.

- Here there is nothing surprising, through them is the financial flow of that money gives the West to recruit radicalized young people, so that they were on the side of the illegal authorities of Ukraine, - he says.

In the NGO "Free Zone" and the party "United National Movement" refused to talk with the Russian edition.

The chairman of the "Eurasian choice - Georgia" Archil Chkoidze confirmed "Izvestia" this information. According to him, and the "Free Zone", and UNM were always against Russia.

- After 2004, when there were elections in Ukraine, straight from the Georgian law enforcement bodies, are there people to arrange provocations. Known to all Givi Targamadze Georgian thieves in law, they were consolidated into "United National Movement" Mikheil Saakashvili and supported even while Yulia Tymoshenko. We know that in the Maidan were Georgians who just belong to these radical organizations - said "Izvestia" Chkoidze.

President of the Center for Strategic Communications Dmitry Abzalov believes that Georgia remains a sufficiently large number of people associated with the first president of Georgia, including representatives of law enforcement agencies. According to him, after the departure of Saakashvili as president of the financial flow, feed them, much dried up, and now they are ready to make money on the side of the illegitimate government of Ukraine.

- Trying to use the Georgian armed formations, which will open fight on the side of Ukraine - it is a serious blow to the "right sector", to other ethnic groups applies even worse than Russian. In addition, this action deskreditiruet Yatsenuk if they can continue to discredit. And seriously weaken the external position of the Ukrainian authorities. If in the open in armed clashes will involve external interveners, the police and military in the regions will be active over to the side of the protesters. One thing is when an internal civil strife, and another - when on the side of radical structures to be used outside mercenaries, - he said.

Head of Russian Foreign Policy Centre Institute of Economics Boris Shmelev believes that the main purpose of the West to create a hot spot in the Ukraine - a source of headache for Russia.

- Authorities in Georgia should take measures to stop the recruitment - said Shmelev.

He is confident there is a danger that the crisis in Ukraine will develop on the Syrian scenario: "The Syrian government is not fighting against domestic opponents, and we see international aggression, according to recent data, there are 7-8 thousand mercenaries and political adventurers."

- In Kiev official resource for suppression of dissent not so much. To increase their capacity, they can begin to take military aid from around the world. Ukraine could become a hot spot where the fighting will last for many months, if not years, this will lead to the collapse of Ukraine and turn it into a center of instability, and that the West needs, namely, they managed chaos that would create big problems for Russia. Russia makes sense to speak with a number of serious allegations about the inadmissibility of such a scenario - Shmelev says

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