Saturday 28 January 2012

Occupy USA news

Occupy protest seizes UC Davis building, blocks bank

Sacramento Bee,
28 January, 2012

Taking advantage of some extra patience on the part of administrators who came under heavy criticism for the pepper-spraying of demonstrators in November, student protesters on the UC Davis campus have seized control of a vacant campus building and are sporadically blocking access to an on-campus bank.

Two days into the Occupy movement takeover of a single-story cottage that formerly served as the Cross Cultural Center, the administration hasn't officially told the students they can't be in the building. The lights and heat remain on as the university examines its options.

"We're monitoring it. We are going to make decisions based on the best interest of the university. Nobody wants a repeat of what happened in November," said Claudia Morain, a spokeswoman for the university.

Campus police pepper-sprayed a number of students during a Nov. 18 standoff as officers sought to clear a tent encampment from the university quad. The university was widely vilified after videos of the spraying posted on the Internet were viewed millions of times.

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Feds to enforce no-camping rules Monday at Occupy D.C. sites

27 January, 2012

Occupy D.C. activists will be prevented from camping at two federal sites beginning at noon Monday, the National Park Service announced today.

Regulations ban camping on U.S. parklands, but the Park Service has not enforced the prohibition at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza since protesters arrived in October. Round-the-clock vigils are allowed, however, to protect First Amendment rights.

Occupiers will have to remove tents, bedding, storage containers and all fire-making materials or risk citation or arrest. The Park Service today distributed fliers detailing the no-camping rules.

One protester at McPherson Square told The Washington Post that some occupiers may choose to be arrested.

"Many of us will be likely to defend the park with the passion anyone would show defending their home," Sam Jewler said. "We are fighting for the betterment of D.C., America and the world, and we intend to continue using our First Amendment rights to do so."

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