Monday 30 January 2012

Discussion of the Greek crisis

This is Press TV’s discussion of the Greek and Euro crisis.
To show how fair-minded they are they found the guy from Washington to argue the conventional point-of-voew. “Capitalism isn’t an ideal system but its the best we’ve got” and of course its all the 'Europeans' fault'
Press TV dicusses the Greek crisis
Press TV

Government sources say Greece will not cede control of its budget to the European Union. They've described the issue as a matter of national sovereignty. 

The Financial Times had reported that an EU commissioner would be able to veto budget decisions made by the Greek government. It said the proposal was circulated to other euro-zone officials by Germany on Friday. A European source in Germany has confirmed the report.

The control over Greece's budget has been set as a condition to grant the country a second international bailout. This edition of News Analysis discusses the issue.

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