Sunday 29 January 2012

Mass action in Poland continues

I am so impressed by the Poles coming out against this.

Here is New Zealand this secret agreement has been signed; few know about it and few seem to care that our freedom is being signed away
ACTA Anger: Polish protests grow into anti-govt rage

Protests are raging on in Warsaw against the signing of a new treaty, which enforces intellectual property rights on the internet. Opponents say the international ACTA document is pure censorship, and a violation of human rights.

On Friday, the European Parliament's rapporteur for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement resigned in protest. Kader Arif said drafting of the controversial anti-piracy treaty was accompanied by "never-before-seen manoeuvres" by officials.

In Warsaw, extremely cold weather was definitely not an excuse for demonstrators. Friday's protest culminated a week of mass rallies in Poland. Thursday's signing of the deal by Warsaw drew tens of thousands onto the streets across the country to protest internet censorship

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