Tuesday 31 January 2012

Syria developments

Shadow of War: Dozens dead in Damascus as army regains control
Syrian troops backed by tanks and heavy ammunition have reportedly regained control over the outskirts of Damascus. Activists suggest over sixty people have been killed in the latest fighting, just over a day after the Arab's League mission was frozen.

and from al-Jazeera....

This is an example of one-sided reporting from al-Jazeera and fairly crude anti-Russian propaganda.
Just remember the postiion of Qatar and ask yourself whether al-Jazeera might jsut have its own political bias.
While we all know that Putin and his government is les than lilly-white and their suppression of revolt in the Caucausus is to be condemned at the moment Russia’s diplomatic role in the Middle east is a positive one.
Russia and China are doing their best to stop the West from launching a new Libyan war in Syria and also launching World War 111 in Iran.
It talks of Russian arm sales - I suppose that countries like Britain (and every other power) are not not endulging in the same!

Russia and Syria's alliance remains resilient 
Russia has repeatedly blocked efforts towards a UN resolution that could pave the way for intervention in Syria's 10-month crackdown on protesters.
Moscow, a long-standing ally of Damascus and veto-wielding member of the UN, says it fears NATO intervention in Syria would result in another Libya-like scenario and could destabilise the region.
Western countries accuse Russia, which continues to sell heavy weapons to its close Arab friend, of failing to "uphold human rights" by backing the government's military offensive, which has claimed thousands of civilian lives across the country.
Al Jazeera's Neave Barker reports from Moscow on the enduring alliance between the two countries.

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