Monday 30 January 2012

Radio NZ on sustainable technology and toxic waste

My attention was drawn by this interview with New Zealander Ron McDowall.
The first part of the interview concerns his experience as part of a UN team that went around hot-spots in the world decontaminating pesticides and other chemical toxins that threatened communities; of this team only McDowall and two other are still alive - the others have all perished.
In the second part of the interview he talks about his work of developing sustainable technology.
What was outstanding about this interview was the clear recognition that the only future was to completely rethink the way we do things - otherwise we are talking about survivability.
He has the optimism and faith in developing new technology to replace the oil-based economy, but it was radical to hear this message carried on mainstream media.

Interview with Ron McDowall

Auckland engineer Ron McDowall is an expert on sustainability and toxic waste management. He's worked around the world in dangerous conditions, as a UN specialist scientist/engineer working in the area of sustainable development in developing countries and travels the world on UNEP missions. His consulting focuses on sustainable technology design and toxic chemical waste.

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