Monday, 3 December 2018

Ukraine deploys S-300 in Odessa for war with Russia

VIDEO: S-300 Air Defenses Deploying in Odessa Ukraine for Russia WAR

2 Dcember, 2018

The Hal Turner Radio Show has obtained video from Odessa, Ukraine showing S-300 air defense systems being deployed in that city, in preparation for WAR WITH RUSSIA.
When the same air defense system was brought online inside SYRIA, it put an immediate halt to Israeli attacks against Syria; even though Israel has the LATEST U.S. warplanes and technology.
The fact that Ukraine is now deploying this system in its largest cities is more proof they are preparing for WAR with Russia, after a naval skirmish last Sunday in the Black Sea near the Sea of Azov.  Three Ukrainian boats were captured by Russia after gunfire erupted.
Shortly thereafter, Ukraine declared Martial Law in its provinces bordering Russia, called-up Reserve Troops and DEPLOYED THEM, and announced the military can now command all state railways for the movement of troops and equipment.
The march toward war in Europe continues; and the mass-media is silent about it, leaving the general public ignorant of the horrors being planned.

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