Wednesday, 8 August 2018

First signs of melting near the North Pole

We really do need to be watching this almost every day now.

A brief note on melting at the North Pole

This is just a quick note to show that there are signs of some break-up of ice close to the North Pole.

This is the whole picture

The photo of the central plateau below provides some orienteering.

We are talking about the area where it gives the longitude just 'up' (in the picture) from the Pole. I estimate the latitude to be approx. 86 deg N.

You can clearly see some cracks emerge on this enlarged photo.

At the 80 deg N point the ice is not just breaking up but you're getting blue water.

This is an alternative view

AIRS Ave Daytime Air temperature at the Surface -08-05-2018 to 8-05-2018

Inside the blue line in the Arctic Ocean, the temperatures are below freezing Outside of the blue line the temperatures are above freezing. I held the cursor on the light green inside the blue line and it read 29 degrees F . (-1.66667 degrees C)

NASA's Eyes on the Earth

There is a link to NASA's Eyes on the Earth on NASA's Global Climate Change site. Need to download the ap there.


This is how the concentration looks (from NSIDC)

Margo will be discussing this on her Campfire Chat on Thursday, 8/9/18 @ 5pm Pacific time

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