Monday, 6 August 2018

Being fed a false narrative


I am sitting here at what should be the coldest time of the year in my shirtsleeves. 

It was 17 degrees at 9.30 and the thermometer on the picnic table said 20C.

Yet this tells me it is 13C, a warmish winter day.

The overnight minimum was 11 degrees, not 9 degrees.
The following interview may well be Radio NZ's response to a letter of complaint Kevin Hester and I sent (along with 6 other signaturies) to Radio NZ.

These are the comments from Kevin Hester on the following interview. I might be a tad more polite but it is true!James Renwick is an abrupt climate change denier and an out right liar.

James Renwick is an abrupt climate change denier and an out right liar.

He bare faced lied about where we are going and where we are at.

Pitchforks await lying bastards like Renwick.


Stopping rising temperatures is possible - climate scientist

And, as we watch the Arctic sea ice melt before our eyes the  computer modellers have brought their projections forward to 2050!

A study published Monday said if the world warms 7.2 degrees this century, the Arctic will likely have a three-month, ice-free period each summer by 2050. (sic) It would be a worst-case scenario never seen in recorded human history.

By the end of the century, the ice-free summer could jump to five months a year, the study said.

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