Thursday, 1 December 2016

The hot Arctic

Cracks in the Big Picture, Radio Ecoshock Podcasts


30 November, 2016

It is always a great honor, for Paul to be on Alex Smith’s Radio Ecoshock. And equally ALWAYS hays been a favorite of Paul’s. Here is the link to:

Cracks in The Big Picture‘, on Radio Ecoshock. About 59:59 long. Link to SoundCloud, for those who might prefer or can use, here.

Get ready. We’re going to visit the hot Arctic, where the winter sea ice is almost refusing to form. It’s at a record low for November. Climate scientist Paul Beckwith will tell us why sea ice around the world is in retreat, and what it means for our weather. Yes we get to Trump, the chances of hope, and the planetary climate emergency’.

As Alex says: “Paul explains the science behind this so neatly and clearly. I highly recommend this interview. Even though I’ve talked with a lot of scientists, and research this stuff daily – I still learned brand new things from Paul as we talked. It seems like a lot of loose threads come together to form a pattern we can all understand.”

This has been put together by my friend David Korn

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