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News from Aleppo- 12/03/2016

Russia, Turkey agree to give jihadists 24 hours to leave east Aleppo: report

3 December, 2016
BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:15 P.M.) - Russia and Turkey reportedly agreed on Friday to give the jihadist rebels of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Nusra Front) 24 hours to leave east Aleppo through the humanitarian corridor setup by the Russian military.
According to the Russian media, Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham has 24 hours to leave east Aleppo; if they refuse to do so, then they will show no mercy to the 900 remaining jihadists combatting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).
No further details were released.
If this story proves true, this will be the first time during this war that Turkey has refrained from aiding jihadist rebel groups fighting the Syrian Arab Army and their allies.

Aleppo International Airport officially safe after Syrian Army advance: map

3 December, 2016
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) - The Syrian Arab Army had another productive day in the Aleppo Governorate this week, capturing several sites from the jihadist rebels of Fatah Halab and Jaysh Al-Fateh, while also shrinking the remaining pocket in the provincial capital's eastern sector.
The Syrian Arab Army's "Tiger Forces," alongside the Republican Guard, began today's offensive by storming the Tariq Al-Bab Quarter of east Aleppo, capturing more than 50 percent of this area after a fierce battle with the jihadist rebels.
Following the assault on Tariq Al-Bab, the Syrian Armed Forces launched several attacks along a number axes in the east Aleppo pocket; this resulted in the collapse of the enemy defenses at the Karm Al-Tarrab and Karm Al-Jazmati quarters.
With the aforementioned quarters under their control, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to clear the remaining territory west of the Aleppo International Airport, marking the first time since 2013 that the Syrian Air Force is able to use this large site.
The Syrian Armed Forces have now turned their attention to Mayssar, where they have already captured large chunks of this small district in east Aleppo

Syrian Govt Forces Progress in Aleppo City from Nov. 17, 2016 to Dec. 2, 2016

South Front

Erdogan’s Hard Times in Syria

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