Sunday 28 April 2019

Tony Gosling on the terror attack in Sri Lanka and the ISIS coinnection to western intelligence

Israeli terror in Sri Lanka, Christchurch? Lyra McKee murder, Assange, Trump & Revelation

Easter Sunday bombing 350 die, 45 of them children, an act of pure evil in Sri Lanka. Cannot serve any Muslim cause.

Terror attack in Sri Lanka: ISIS linked to Western Intelligence Agencies; link between Christchurch and Sri Lanka? GLADIO Strategy of Tensions; history of Sri Lanka and who’s backing them now; Pamela Geller, Rita Katz and Amaq News agency – PR for ISIS and links to Israeli intelligence?

Manfred Petritsch on Sri Lanka attacks; Sri Lankan Christians letter of forgiveness: Letter to the killers of Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka; investment in Sri Lanka from China: Is China's investment in Sri Lankan project a debt trap? India and Modi election links?

US Christian Zionist Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatens to sanction any country that buys oil from Iran, WW3 provocation! WW3

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