Sunday, 28 April 2019

Tony Gosling on the terror attack in Sri Lanka and the ISIS coinnection to western intelligence

Israeli terror in Sri Lanka, Christchurch? Lyra McKee murder, Assange, Trump & Revelation

Easter Sunday bombing 350 die, 45 of them children, an act of pure evil in Sri Lanka. Cannot serve any Muslim cause.

Terror attack in Sri Lanka: ISIS linked to Western Intelligence Agencies; link between Christchurch and Sri Lanka? GLADIO Strategy of Tensions; history of Sri Lanka and who’s backing them now; Pamela Geller, Rita Katz and Amaq News agency – PR for ISIS and links to Israeli intelligence?

Manfred Petritsch on Sri Lanka attacks; Sri Lankan Christians letter of forgiveness: Letter to the killers of Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka; investment in Sri Lanka from China: Is China's investment in Sri Lankan project a debt trap? India and Modi election links?

US Christian Zionist Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatens to sanction any country that buys oil from Iran, WW3 provocation! WW3

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