Friday 26 April 2019

The Kim-Putin meeting


Pepe Escobar,via Facebook

There’s WAY more to the Putin-Kim summit in Vladivostok than meets the eye.

That’s my conclusion after carefully skimming Putin’s presser.

This has been in the works – and seriously discussed - for months.

No way it would simply boil down to a photo op and Putin and Kim exchanging swords as gifts.

The Kremlin is holding their cards very close to their chest – and sooner or later there WILL be a move resounding all across the Eurasian chessboard.

Everyone knows Psycho Bolton/Pompeus Minimus derailed the Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi. No wonder the DPRK later unmasked those gangsters for all the world to see.

Beijing and Moscow were seriously pissed – because they assumed denuclearization was a done deal after the Singapore summit.

They both have had enough with exceptionalist stupidity.
Now the initiative is with Moscow – whatever the “American partners” may do.

What Putin-Kim discussed had already been discussed by Moscow and Beijing.

We still don’t know what it is because no one is talking. Could be specific moves bypassing sanctions - on trade, weapons sales, investment on the Trans-Korean railway linking to the Trans-Siberian.

Remember; this is, and continues to be, all about Eurasia integration.

Make no mistake: soon all will be revealed.

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