Friday, 5 April 2019

Max Igan censorship and the Christchurch massacre

Three weeks after the massacre in Christchurch I am able to say I have seen enough to make up my mind where I stand on this and can say that,with a doubt Max Igan with his film special effects skill has almost certainly come the closest to the truth.

There is NO DOUBT that this was a genuine tragedy but that the government narrative is fake and the reason they have banned the video is because anyone with some skills can demonstrate that Brenton Tarrant did not act on his own but had what were quite possibly minders (dressed in red) on sight to direct him.

Listen to this interview very carefully.

Time To Talk About The Silencing Of Max Igan with Max Igan!

Max Igan joins me to discuss recent restrictions placed on his Youtube channel. We get into why he got censored & what it means for all of us going forward.

What Max Igan expresses so clearly in his interview is what I was trying to express in my own video.

The narrative that is being put forward by some people is playing into the hands of the authorties by allowing them to tar us all with the same brush, so they can portray all crtics of the government narrative as insensitive and possibly as right-wing extremists and worse. 

In this regard it is worthwhile watching the following doco from 4 Corners on Australia's ABC network.

They start with some very good interviews with survivors and witnesses.  This produces an emotional response which allows them to go on and say that this was a lone gunman but how was he not picked up by the security agents? The lesson? We need more surveillance,more spying, more police powers and we need to control the spreading of dangerous ideas on the internet.

The talking heads produce little in the way of any evidence.

In fact, they reel off the list of countries Tarrant visited while neglecting to mention ISRAEL, where he spent 90 days. One of them says that Pakistan, Turkey etc. are quite normal places to visit except for North Korea ('that's a strange one'). And in a bit of speculation devoid of anything to back it up they say with an authoritative point that it was in Turkey that Tarrant learned to hate Muslims. 

What does he have to back that up?

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