Thursday 24 March 2016

Electoral Fraud and shennanigans in Arizona primaries

I’ve been giving the Donald more space than he deserves.

Bernie Sanders would be winning if the United States was a democracy

Something Is Going Seriously 

Wrong at Arizona Polls Today

Arizona’s primaries aren’t even done yet, and there’s already legal action being taken as a result of incompetence or possibly even intentional sabotage.

Leaders from the Arizona branch of the Democratic Party have confirmed that its lawyers are officially making an inquiry after multiple Democratic voters showed up to the polls only to find that they were listed as independents, Republicans, or had no party affiliation at all.

Many voters wound up having to wait in line under the hot Arizona sun only to find that they were ineligible to vote for the candidates of their choice. To add insult to injury, the polling locations have been so poorly planned that many voters had to wait in line up to four hours before finding out that their information had been improperly filed.

At PHX polling site. 7:30pm: line is 3K+ long. Voters at front been waiting for 4+ hrs.

This isn’t just conspiracy theory, either. Maricopa County, home of Phoenix, which is traditionally very conservative, is four times larger than Pima County, which houses Tucson, a traditionally liberal city. Yet despite over 4 million people residing in Maricopa County, and less than 1 million living in Pima County, Pima had twice as many polling locations as Maricopa, according to

Joe Dana, a reporter with 12 News in Phoenix, tweeted that despite 500,000 more primary voters in 2016 than 2012, Maricopa County polling places had dwindled considerably for this election:

Consider: 2012 primary had 300,000 voters and 200 polling places. 2016 primary has estimated 800,000 voters at 60 polling places.

Poll workers have been giving out “provisional ballots,” according to 12 News. It’s unclear at this time as to whether these ballots will actually count in the Arizona primary, and whether intentional or not, it could result in the disenfranchisement of Arizona voters. Some frustrated residents are taking to YouTube and social media to voice their frustrations.

No word has been given as to whether there was a pattern as to which kind of demographics were experiencing this kind of treatment, and no explanation has been given regarding what caused this bizarre error.

We’ve been getting calls all day from lifelong Democrats who have been registered as independents,” Enrique Gutierrez, communications director for the Arizona Democratic Party, told US Uncut. “One woman even said she’d been registered as a Libertarian.”

When asked how this might affect the election, he responded that it would be close, and that they were doing their best:

Provisional ballots are usually the last to be counted. It might swing the election, to be honest, depending on how close it is here. If there’s a mistake in our system, we want to fix it. Their votes should be counted. Everyone’s votes should be counted. We’ve been hearing all day from people, and they’re pretty upset.

Bernie Sanders is taking a proactive approach, asking voters to help monitor the situation on the ground via his Twitter account.

Arizona, we need your help! After you vote today, ask the clerk for the turnout at your precinct and report it:

Some similar stories have surfaced during the primaries of earlier voting states, and accusations of voter fraud or infringement of voting rights run rampant on any election day. We will continue to monitor the situation in Arizona and update as necessary.

CrossTalk: Trump vs. Clinton

Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You

Nobody cares how well a politician does at the ballot box when he or she is running for an office unopposed. What matters is how a politician performs in contested primaries and general elections, as when it really matters — like it will, for instance, this November — you can be certain of a contested election.

With that said, let’s make an important observation: Bernie Sanders has tied or beaten Hillary Clinton in a majority of the actively contested votes this election season.

You doubt it? Okay, let me explain.....

Bernie Sanders Just 

Unleashed on Arizona 

Primary Disaster

Bernie Sanders is just as mad as his supporters about the Arizona primary election process, which is being widely regarded as a total fiasco.

We got an email last night from a woman who was waiting in line for five hours to vote. For five hours to vote,” Bernie said incredulously today at a press conference in San Diego.

He said there was no excuse for a failure of this magnitude.

Whatever the cause of that problem is, people in the United States of America should not have to wait five hours in order to vote. We do not know how many thousands of people who wanted to vote yesterday in Arizona did not vote. We don’t know if they wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, whoever. We don’t know that.”

Despite expecting huge turnouts, the infamous Maricopa County actually cut the number of polling locations from 200 to 60, which meant there was only one polling site for every 20,000 voters. Many Democratic voters also arrived to vote only to discover they were improperly registered and given “provisional ballots” which may or may not have counted for anything.

In the United States of America, democracy is the foundation of our way of life,” Bernie said. “People should not have to wait five hours to vote, and what happened yesterday in Arizona is a disgrace.”

The voting was so disgraceful, many are calling for officials to hold primary again, properly run this time. Bernie ended his comments on the Arizona primary by saying he hopes that this fiasco has raised the bar for elections moving forward.

I hope that every state in this country learns from that and learns how to put together a proper election where people can come in and vote in a timely manner and go back to work.”

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