Wednesday 23 March 2016

James Hansen talks about Ice Melt scientific paper

Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms Video Abstract

We made a video discussing some of the main points in our “Ice Melt” paper[1], which is about to be published in Atmos. Phys. Chem.

The main point that I want to make concerns the threat of irreparable harm, which I feel we have not communicated well enough to people who most need to know, the public and policymakers. I’m not sure how we can do that better, but I comment on it at the end of this transcript.

Read the full transcript HERE

Meanwhile, what's happening?!! Britain's foremost climate change denying rag carries the following headline while the other, the Telegraph, carries a story about tourist cruises along the Northwest Passage

New York and London could be underwater within DECADES: Scientists say devastating climate change will take place sooner than thought

  • Sea level may increase several meters over 50 to 150 years, paper says
  • Earth experienced a natural warming 120,000 years ago, now will be worse 
  • Warming of 2°C above pre-industrial times would risk submerging cities 
  • Separate study last month warned that New York, London, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai will be among the cities that could flood by 2100

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