Thursday 24 March 2016

Europe - One Hand is Feeding Terrorism While Another One Is Fighting It

Russian Security Official: One Hand is Feeding Terrorism While Another One Is Fighting It

23 March, 2016
First Deputy Chairman of Committee on Defense and Security of Russian Federation Council, Franz Klintsevich (at 57 min):

- Unfortunately we can not avoid to cast blame. I don't consider myself a politician, am just a military man. But I used to be pretty good at math. In math they say if you want to solve a complex problem, simplify it. In reality everything is extremely simple. What happened in Europe, you must understand, was a serious challenge for Europe. 

For experts it was absolutely identical to what happened in Paris, secondly it is absolutely clear that there is a center from which the attack was coordinated, and lastly it was only an exercise, and I am convinced that it will eventually result in a more serious attack in the near term.

We have dealt with terrorist attacks that involved not 200 grams, but minimum 200 kilos of explosives.

We understand this business very well.

Today, when they ask, what should we do, we must understand where it comes from. Colleagues, I am tired of repeating myself. But I am a specialist at this, who on my own skin, with my own wounds and detonations, learned what Western security services are all about and how they control certain processes.

And today we know that one hand controls and feeds, no matter what scheme, no matter what Arab or Asian country these teams come from, and the second hand which has no clue what the first one is doing is trying to fight it.

It is impossible to win without uniting our efforts.

However, the sad thing is that we talk about this everywhere. Colleagues, let's unite. But as soon as our initiatives appear to be very effective, different back stage games begin.

Europe is going to learn a lesson sooner or later.

We have a huge number of foreigners on these shows who sincerely express their opinion. They are honest people who are accustomed to their worldview. But they have no clue that this is a huge manipulation.

There is no doubt for a layman, that Belgian security services, who have been warned a thousand times have lost in this instance.

We must understand one important thing. It breaks at the weakest point. The masterminds of the attacks with small blood and minimal expense created conditions when Europe is upside down, people are terrified, many processes have been halted and the most important thing has been achieved - they showed their strength.

I remember how it started in Chechnya, when this began, when our military sometimes showed weakness and incompetency, their moral spirit has multiplied until we built our system, our security services and gave them a serious blowback.

Thanks to Americans we received a terrible experience, because all the specialists who were prepared in Pakistan and Afghanistan and were ripping Russia apart, we pushed them out and they moved on there, and continue to share their experience.

It is impossible to change their mentality, you can either kill them or jail them, and until Europe understands it, the war will go on. 

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