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News from Russia and Ukraine - 03/25/2016

It has been some time since we have had an update on the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine SITREP March 26th, 2016 by Scott

Saker drawing from community
25 March, 2016
In 2014 Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, drove across Grozny at the speed of 241kh. The local Police department suspended his driver’s license. He said that he needed his driver’s license because he worked and practically lived in cars, and because he was always traveling. When they didn’t budge, he mounted a horse and said that he would have difficulties to perform his duties as a head of Chechnya, because of the problems connecting to the internet while on a horse.
It’s easier for Kadyrov to be connected to the internet while riding a horse, than for the European Union to occupy Ukraine without having to pay for this occupation politically, socially, and financially. Jean-Claude Juncker said during a speech in The Hague on Thursday March 3rd, that “Ukraine will definitely not be able to become a member of the EU in the next 20-25 years, and not of NATO either.
Ukrainians immediately saw this as a positive sign, and explained that European Union doesn’t want a super power like Ukraine to become its part. “Europeans are afraid that Ukraine will swallow Europe. That’s why they want to wait.
After two years of NATO occupation Ukrainians demonstrate a peculiar mix of despair, denial and delusion. What they refuse to demonstrate, though, is delight.
The spy agency for the occupier,
 the CIA has listed Ukraine as #2 in the world among the countries with the highest death rate. Lesotho is #1.
Ukraine’s GDP growth is #222, right above Yemen. Inflation is #225 out of 226.
Anyone who gloat over these facts, please understand that Ukraine is still populated by the Russian people. The fact that they are occupied by NATO members and terrorized by fascists armed gangs is reflecting in the speed with which the population of Russian people is shrinking in Ukraine. The US and Europe need the territories of Ukraine without its people, that’s why they have created these conditions for unprecedented since the Great Patriotic war death of population. [source]
Interesting to notice, that #3 on the list above takes the EU member Bulgaria. #5 and #7 are the EU members Latvia and Lithuania.
Rumor has it that President Putin asked Russian businesses to stay in Ukraine a bit longer. Yesterday, during the closed session with the heads of Russia’s leading companies who expressed desire to get out of Ukraine, Putin said that he couldn’t tell them what to do, but they should have some patience. “There is still a chance,” he said.
Despite of embargo and sanctions against each other, all regions of Ukraine have continued trade and business activities with Russia. [source]
The hope that the power might be soon changing in Ukraine immediately spread among the faithful. [source]
The political map of Ukraine by regions has not changed much since spring 2014. Here, you see the liberated regions. Regions in red are the regions of resistance, regions in red with barbed wire are regions with the mass terror unleashed against population. Regions in grey are those who sit quietly and try to pretend that nothing has happened. Regions in dark red and black are the four regions with the strong junta and Right Sector presence.
I thought we would become poor after Maidan, but we just instantly turned destitute.” “I even turned my fridge off; it’s empty and a mouse starved in there to death.” The population wants Maidan #4. Everyone blames Russia. Pro-Russians blame that Russia has not invaded. Pro-Maidanites blame that Russia “invaded.” No one ever demonstrates understanding that they live in the NATO occupied country. NATO is a military alliance and not known for successfully rehabilitating economies of occupied countries.
The problem for the Russian population is that so called “true-Ukrainians” believe that the more they kill people, the better their life will be. How and where this “better life” will come from, they don’t know. They are convinced that several million wrong people stand between them and the “European” lifestyle . Considering that 20,000 of Russian people are reported missing. About 10,000 are rotting in jails for political “crimes,” and about 7000 reported murdered. Those who have not died, arrested or immigrated, are facing very uncertain future.
From this perspective, the German’s calls for Russia to help Ukraine’s economy seems like a provocation. “Sometimes I have the impression that Moscow and Kyiv are not fully aware of how serious the situation is,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier declared at the ‘Normandy Group’ meeting on March 3 in Paris.
The UN recommends Ukraine to sell their products to…. Mongolia. And also Turkmenistan, Serbia, Morocco, Egypt and Uzbekistan. All those countries that the New York based UN apparatchiks don’t believe to exist. The European Union market that was promised to Ukraine during Maidan is not on this list. The initial brilliant idea of Washington’s neo-cons was to use Ukraine as a free-trade path to Russian market. Does anyone know why didn’t it work out?
Ukraine’s needs have not diminished but because of the urgency and weight of other events it has found itself displaced for public attention.” So says former EP President Pat Cox , following the European Parliament’s Needs Assessment Mission to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
They issued “European Parliament Report and Roadmap on internal reform and capacity-building for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”
Moved by sheer gratitude, members of the government of Ukrainian, immediately dubbed the authors of this masterpiece of irrelevancy as “morons” and “retards.”
They are especially angry that the EU tries to turn Rada into a “soviet type parliament under their rule.”
This is one of those uncommon occasions when I have to agree with them.
This week the Nuland appointed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is finally ready to resign, almost resigned, or will be resigning in near future. The US wants their woman, a US born neo-liberal Jaresko, to become a Prime Minister. Poroshenko and his backers want their own person, a current Speaker of Rada, Grossman. In the most bizarre ethnic re-aliment ever, Bloomberg News spelled Grossman’s last name as “Hroisman.”
I suspect that the “true patriot” Ukrainians don’t read Bloomberg News as much, and missed this fearless new spelling, because they see Hroisman as Grossman, with all the relevant emotional discharge.
Chinese Xinhua reports that Poroshnko wants a new government formed by March 29th. “It is in the interests of Ukraine that the government should be approved on March 29,” Poroshenko told reporters during his visit to the eastern region of Kharkov.
Truth be told that since Ukraine is being used as an excuse to continue the economic, political and information wars on Russia, the situation will only be getting worse.

Retirees in Kiev were attacked by youngsters from the Right Sector death squad Azov, fought back, beat the fascists up, chased them away and held a meeting. It looks like people finally realized that if they don’t fight, they won’t survive.
On March 17th, people came on the demonstration called People said Yes to Soviet Union” and were attacked by the neo-Nazi thugs. The meeting started with a speech of Natalia Vitrenko, a Doctor of Economy and a former deputy of Rada.

From recently declassified by the US State Department transcripts of the talks of Gorbachev with the leaders of the Western countries. This is what he said on September 6, 1991 to the Minister of Economy of France Pierre Beregovoy.
M. S. Gorbachev. “About Ukraine, we need to mention Ukraine separately. With all that You are hearing from Kiev, don’t draw hasty conclusions. It should be noted that amongst people of Ukraine there is a strong movement for the Union. In Ukraine there have been some dramatic events recently, but we managed to stop their development. Although Ukraine declared its sovereignty and independence, it should remain a full member of the Union. I want to tell You confidentially, not for the press, the following. Once Kiev announced the Declaration of independence, the delegation of Donbas miners arrived here. Keep in mind that Donbas, the South of Ukraine, and Crimea is eleven million of Russians. By the way, the day before, Crimea declared its sovereignty. Breaking the ties between Russia and Ukraine would be drama for both republics, especially Ukraine. Therefore, we believe that these relationships mustn’t be cut, but taking into account the desire for independence, of course, it’s necessary.”
It’s my deep conviction that the post of the Prime Minister was an “award”for Pierre Beregovoy for his role in unlawful dissolution of the Soviet Union. In May 1993, soon after becoming a president he was found with a bullet hole in his cranium. Miracle, they didn’t notice an ice pick.
Meanwhile, the official Kiev is still fighting with the Russian language. Genadiy Balashov a mini-oligarch and the leader of libertarian party “5.10” the same who called to shoot everyone wearing St. George ribbon in 2014, came out with the initiative to transfer Ukrainian language into Latin alphabet.
The process of reengineering the Russian ethnicity in Ukraine continues.
For those who like history, historical pictures of Soviet time Kiev, 1960-1965. It truly was a city-garden with blooming flowers and chestnut trees.

News in Brief

 Logic: following the attempt to burn Russian embassy in Kiev

Yakob Levin: Pity that it’s just an attempt
Tatyana: Pity that it wasn’t an Israeli Embassy
Yakob Levin: Any scum that raises a hand against Israeli Embassy, will regret this for a long time.
2. Mom, where do the Nazis come from?
Here is the brief History of a Nazi who claims to be a Ukrainian nationalist and patriot. Meet: 
Bogdan Butkevich.
Once upon a time there was a country called the Russian Empire. And there was a man, Rafail Gohman, who lived in this country. When he came of age, he married a local girl name Leya Butkevich, and Rufail took his wife’s last name. They had several children one of them was named August. August had a son named Georgiy. In 1944, he was drafted and was fighting in Europe where he was captured by the Germans. He survived, and after the war he returned back from Germany, got married and had a son he named Konstantine, who lived in beautiful and plentiful Kiev on Vozduhoftorskaya street. (Air fleet street) Konstantine got married and had a Nazi… I mean a son named Bogdan Butkevich. Bogdan Butkevich is one of the most outspoken Ukrainian nationalists, a follower of Stephan Bandera, who in spare time is a devoted follower of Chabad Lubavichi ultra-nationalist terrorist Jewish organization.
That’s what I mean when I tell you that these people are pretending to be us. Bogdan Butkevich claimsthat he speaks from “all Ukrainians” demanding to kill all the Russians in Donbass.
3. Here is a blog of an Iranian who lives in Russia now. Look at these pictures. These are images of white Christian Americans, Germans, French, British people conducting unspeakable cruelty and crimes in Algeria, Europe, American States, India 70-60 years ago.
4. The US Embassy in Turkey warned the US citizens about the possible terrorist attack two days prior to March 13 explosion.
5. “Russians, be prepared. It looks like they are going to hang Ukraine on us.” [source]
6. Ukrainians are destroying the ecology of their country with unprecedented speed [source]
Novorossia Donetsk Lugansk
1. On March 23, a real “Stalingrad” took place in Avdeevka according to the Ukro-media [source]
2. Dancing with death in small-town Donetsk, by Mark BARTALMAI, the Vineyard of the Saker-German, March 9, 2016
3. March 20th during the Service in Odessa cathedral, Mitropolit Agafangel (Savin) of Odessa
called for the unity of the Orthodox Churches. He said, “We strongly reject the imposed path leading society to legalize same-sex marriage and other sinful concepts that directly contradict our faith. And we will never accept these “Western values”, as they are incompatible with Orthodoxy. Let us try harder to pray to our Lord Jesus Christ through the prayers of the Queen of Heaven and the host of the saints to God to grant us the strength to overcome this temptation, and for our Holy Church to stand among the waves of heresies and schisms, while maintaining the purity of the Apostolic faith”. [
1. The Hidden Story of Crimea’s Economic Success [source]
2. Morshansk, a town in Tambov Oblast, got a new Police officer [source]
3. New RU government’s consumer protection site [source]
4. Preliminary numbers of birth and death in Russia in 2015. Natural growth of population was 32,100 (30,400 — в 2014 г.)
Contrary to popular believe, it’s not the Muslim areas, but Central (+4%) and North West Russia (+2.7%) had births increase. Sevastopol that had always lagged behind Crimea, in 2015 had higher than Crimea birth rate.
5. This season Russia sells the record amount of grains ever [source]
6. Russian scientists are testing new anti-cancer medication based on principle of boosting immune system
7. Russia’s Investigative Committee reports about the results of search and seizure that took place in the house of Natalia Pelevina, one of the organizers of violent anti-government protests on Bolotbanya Square (Center Moscow) in May 6th, 2012. Pelevina is a executive secretary for the Independent Human Rights Council, a member of ultra neo–liberal Party of national freedom (PARNAS) and a member of the of the Federal Political Council of PARNAC. She is also a director of the US State department funded NGO Democratic Russia Committee.
Among documents that the Investigative Committee retreated was financial reports proving that “May 6th Committee” has been financed by NED.
8. How the Shot Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov Accumulated One Billion Dollars [source]
9. Mayor of Yekaterinburg Roisman came out for a demonstration of 400 pro-junta Ukrainians. [source]
10. Info-graphic The main submarines and surface combatants in the USSR and in Russia 25 years apart
11. Russian communists came to the US Ambassador John Tefft for support in upcoming elections [source]
12. The US Ambassador john “Color revolution” Tefft feeds cookies to communists [source]
John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania.
13. Sausages trump patriotism everywhere, but Russia [source]
14. Russians have less money, but more trust in their government, says John Helmer. [source]

“It Is Federica Mogherini.

“She began crying right at the press conference on the terrorist attack in Brussels.
“I’ve never seen tears European official, when terrorists killed our children in Beslan, when terrorists bombed our houses, and subway stations, when they downed our planes, when our people were burned alive in Odessa, or Ukrainian fascists are killing our children in Donbass. They were mostly grinning, sometimes expressing sympathy, but never forgetting to say that it was this “regime” to blame.

“Where am I going with this?

“It is time for us to realize that they don’t consider us to be human. We are for them, as some Africans, or the Chinese, are not human. They say: “Well, died, what is there to grieve? Let’s go on with Halloween and have fun. It’s just some Africans, Russians, Chinese… In a framework of freedom of speech we will make cartoons out of their tragedy.”

“We must know the most obvious thing – they don’t consider us as “their own”. There is no such thing as a “white brotherhood”, or a unique “European universal values”. They have their own people, and they have their own grief.

“We should start treating Europe, European values, and Europeans accordingly. They are not “ours.” It’s their grief, not ours. It’s their pain, not ours. It’s their war, not ours. It’s their problems, not ours.”

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