Saturday 26 March 2016

Towards mass extinction

Another chilling report by Thom Hartmann who quotes Sam Carana's blog "The Arctic-news blog" about our unfolding extinction event obviously prompted by Dr. James E. Hansen's latest paper.

Thom posits that;

" If we to don't get started we too might go the way of the dinosaurs". Thom fails to grasp the 10 to 20 year lag in cause and effect.

Whilst Thom discusses the methane threat he gives no reason why we won't go extinct. We are emitting carbon at the rate of 10 times more than the PETM extinction. Games up folks, now the only debate is around how much time we have. Notice how many of these kinds of articles are being published just recently?

When not if the Arctic methane lets go it will be game over for this ecosystem in a very short time frame.
---Kevin Hester

Mass Extinction Is Closer Than You Know

Climate change is real, of course, but two new scientific papers out this past week say that it's happening a hell of a lot faster, and in a more dangerous direction, than scientists were even considering as a worst-case scenario just a few years ago. 

We need a rapid worldwide shift away from fossil fuels now - not even a decade from now, but today - and if we don't get started, we, too, may go the way of the dinosaurs

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