Saturday 26 March 2016

Fish die-off

Fish are dying in mass in Florida

Kyle Burton - Via Facebook

I have fished these Lagoons for over 25yrs and it has never been this bad.

This has been a very sad Salt Life experience for us Brevad locals who care about are Lagoon systems and fishery. 

I took these pictures today at PAFB today on the Banana River.

 The pass week the river has killed are local Red fish,black drum, spotted sea trout, flounder, sheep's head, sugar trout, sail cats, hard head cat fish, mullet,spinny puffers, slick puffers. the list goes on. It's like this from the No Motor Zone,Cape Canaveral and all the way down to Melbourne. 

Something needs to be done about this ASAP. It's going to take a very long time to replace all the species of fish and to get the water and grass beds back to a healthy status. 

Our governor could of prevented this. But, he decided it was not an issue. SMH. We need to have pump houses in our Lagoons to bring it back fast and healthy as well as go from septic to sewers.

Thailand:Krabi City officials drowning in dead fish

KRABI: Krabi officials are scrambling to find a solution to the tens of thousands of dead fish found in a pond in Krabi City over the weekend.

The pond, which houses numerous types of fish for fishing competitions, started emanating a bad smell as the fish started to die off on Sunday.

“We tested the water for poisonous substances, but everything is normal. However, the water temperature was higher than usual,” said Krabi City Mayor Kittisak Phukaoluan. “We believe it’s because the weather is too hot and that is why the fish are dying.”

Officials believe it will take nearly two days to collect and bury the more than five tonnes of dead fish.

“As far as eliminating the smell, we will be adding EM [effective microorganisms] balls into the water,” Mr Kittisak said.

The mayor added that people are free to eat the fish that have just died, as they did not die from poor water conditions.

“We are currently discussing with experts about how best to reduce the temperature of the water and hope to find a solution quickly,” he added. 

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