Tuesday 26 August 2014

Ukraine's nazis

Ukrainian regime Minister asked by a German reporter if he is ok with open Neo Nazis serving in the Ukrainian military. He replies that they and government work very closely together and they serve a vital purpose.

Not the Onion.

--- Mark Sleboda

You can watch in Russian or in German – unfortunately not in English

Germany's Channel One describes Nazis in Ukrainian army

Mit Ultra-Rechten in den Kampf
Im Kampf gegen die Separatisten ist die ukrainische Armee nicht wählerisch. Sie setzt auch auf Freiwillige, die dem radikalen "Rechten Sektor" angehören. Doch Experten warnen: Die paramilitärischen Verbände könnten sich verselbstständigen


With the Ultra-Rights in battle
The Ukrainian army is not choosy in its battle against the seperatists. It relies on volunteers that belong to the radical "Right Sector". Experts warn the paramilitary associations could become an independent force.

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