Tuesday 26 August 2014

Maidan in St Petersburg

Supporters of the Maidan in St Petesburg

Deluded, traitorous, liberast supporters of the Putsch regime in Kiev and the ethnic cleansing of the Donbass try protesting on the streets of St Petersburg and are properly welcomed time and again by regular Russians. 

Chance of Maidan Color Revolution 3.0 in Russia – 0%

--- Mark Sleboda

Mark Sleboda is convinced that there is no chance of a colour revolution in Russia.

One member of the Duma is not.

It does not take very many people for the Americans to stir up trouble, and as Mr Federov points out, there is a greater preponderance of western-orientated liberals in Petersburg.

You make up your own mind. Time will tell.

PS After watching the video I tend to agreeing with Mark

There will be Maidan in St Petersburg - Evgeny Fedorov

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