Saturday 30 August 2014

Report from Syria

A great interview with German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter at Steven Kelley's Revolution Radio. 

Manuel has just returned from Syria with important insights, news, and observations. 

Getting to the truth, which will set us free.

Steven D Kelley Show 8 28 2014 Manuel Ochsenreiter

German News correspondent Manual Ochsenreiter returns from the front lines in Syria in the battle with ISIS. He describes the conditions on the ground from mere meters away from the enemy positions in Allepo. This is an extremely important show with accurate first hand accounts of the crisis. We also discuss the latest events with the situation in the East of Ukraine with the Nazi genocide of the ethnic Russians, and the efforts of the USA and NATO to start WW3.

Please share this powerful show as much as you can. Help us stop the impending doom.

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