Friday 29 August 2014


Vladimir Putin today: Ukrainian troops fleeing for their lives, after terrorizing Donbass, are welcome to Russia.


Statement on Russian Presidential website directly addressed to the militia of NovoRossiya:

1. For first time Putin addresses rebels directly instead of "third person".

2. Calls them by the name "militia of NovoRosiya". 1st big step to recognition of independence? NovoRossiya shall be

3. Comes on heels of Lavrov yesterday for first time mentioning possibility of independence for Donbass, rather than Kremlin's goal up till now which was "federalism"

4. Lauds success of militia in saving civilians being attacked by Kiev - Their cause is just and moral

5. Urges NAF to open humanitarian corridor to let trapped Ukrainian troops surrender to Russia and from there to send them home (to stir unrest there) - shows mercy, shows his war is not with Ukrainians just with Kiev regime

6. Recognizes that much of Ukrainian army has been forcibly conscripted against their will by Kiev regime

Further Analysis - no more fears Putin will throw NAF completely under the bus for deal with West, expect more and more support, expect change in Russian domestic media tone more supportive of NAF cause

Post Script - At almost same time Obama makes speech confirming once again that the US (and thus NATO) will NOT confront Russia militarily in Ukraine

---Mark Sleboda

Putin calls for humanitarian corridor

On his official site, Vladimir Putin published his personal address to the army of Novorossiya--a humanitarian corridor to the Ukrainian troops who have been striking the cities of Donbass:

"It is evident that the militia has achieved a serious success in standing up against the use of violence by Kiev, which presents a lethal threat to the people of Donbass and which has already inflicted a great toll among the peaceful civilians. As a result of the actions of the militia, a large number of Ukrainian troops taking part in the military operation not of their own will, but in following orders, have been encircled.

I call upon the militia forces to open a humanitarian corridor for the Ukrainian soldiers who are encircled in order to avoid senseless casualties, to give them a possibility to leave without impediment the battle zone, to reunite with their families, to return them to their mothers, wives and children, to provide the wounded in combat with immediate medical assistance.

The Russian government, in turn, is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Donbass who have suffered a humanitarian catastrophe.

I call again upon the Ukrainian authorities to stop without delay military operations, to sit at the negotiating table with the representatives of Donbass and to resolve all the accumulated problems exclusively by peaceful means."

Президент России Владимир Путин обратился к ополчению Новороссии

29 августа 2014 года, 01:10

Полный текст обращения

Очевидно, что ополчение достигло серьезных успехов в пресечении силовой операции Киева, представляющей смертельную опасность для населения Донбасса и уже приведшей к огромным жертвам среди мирных жителей.

В результате действий ополчения большое количество украинских военнослужащих, участвующих в военной операции не по своей воле, а выполняя приказ, попало в окружение.

Я призываю силы ополчения открыть гуманитарный коридор для украинских военнослужащих, оказавшихся в окружении, для того, чтобы избежать бессмысленных жертв, предоставить им возможность беспрепятственно выйти из района боевых действий, воссоединиться со своими семьями, вернуть их матерям, женам и детям, срочно оказать медицинскую помощь раненым в результате военной операции.

Российская сторона, в свою очередь, готова и будет оказывать гуманитарную помощь населению Донбасса, страдающему от гуманитарной катастрофы.

Я вновь призываю власти Украины немедленно прекратить боевые действия, остановить огонь, сесть за стол переговоров с представителями Донбасса, решать все накопившиеся проблемы исключительно мирным путем.

29 августа 2014 года, 01:10

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