Friday 16 September 2011

AMD ‘un-resets’ Washington’s relations with Moscow

Placing a missile ‘defence shield’ in Europe has always been an aggressive action on the part of teh USA and NATO directed against Russia.
Russia has repeatedly voiced its concern about the US missile defense program in Europe. Journalist Pepe Escobar, while doubting the system’s capabilities, says Moscow has every right to be worried.

?Escobar, a correspondent with Asia Times Online, declared that the recent anti-missile defense agreement the US signed with Romania was “un-resetting the relationship” with Moscow.

“Nobody knows if the anti-missile defense works,” he told RT. “It is a multi-billion, almost trillion, dollar program. It is typical of keeping the industrial-military complex running.” 

The story has not changed over the last 10 years – Washington is still trying to encircle Russia, claimed Escobar. And Russia’s concerns that the shield is aimed against it are absolutely valid, he said.

“Some of the best military strategists in the world are in Russia,” says Escobar. “They know that Iran, first of all, does not have the capabilities to attack Europe even if they wanted to. And, number two, they may be a very hard line regime, but they are not suicidal. So this excuse against Ahmadinejad is ridiculous.”

The potential for an arms race depends on Russia’s reaction to Washington, he predicted. The AMD tests have not been successful so far, so anything really dangerous for Moscow is not expected to emerge from the system for at least seven years, he concluded.

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