Friday, 10 August 2018

Arctic ice update - 08/09/2018

Campfire Chat with Margo - August 9, 2018

Today there was a campfire chat with Margo who has been doing a wonderful job of chronicling this year's Arctic ice melt.

Much of it was an open discussion of how people felt but the first part was an update on the state of the ice.

We discussed the ice to the north of Greenland.

This is how it looked today.

As you can see below much of this was 'old' ice, 2 meters thick,  that was there a month ago,

Now it is gone.

Here are some other measures.

The heat, both in the ocean, which will aid melting from below and in the air are not going away.

Temperatures are all above zero in most places

Sea temperature anomalies

 Air temperatures
Air temperature anomalies

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