Friday, 1 July 2016

Paul Beckwith in the Daily Express

Paul Beckwith and Robertscribbler have made it into Britain's Daily Express!!

Meanwhile I seem to have been cut out of commenting on Robertscribbler's Facebook page as well as on his blog.

GLOBAL WEATHER EMERGENCY? 'Jet stream shift from north to south threatens food supplies'

30 June, 2016

UNPRECEDENTED weather chaos has been predicted by climate change campaigners who warn that the northern hemisphere jet stream has crossed the equator into the southern hemisphere, threatening global food supplies and an "end to winter".

Climate blogger Robert Scribbler and University of Ottawa researcher Paul Beckwith claim the shift is unprecedented and have warned of "climate chaos", unprecedented changes to weather patterns and have suggested it is a global emergency.

The pair have suggested the shift was most likely caused by man-made climate change, amid claims it caused the jet stream to slow down and create larger waves.

There are two types of jet streams - polar and subtropical in each of the northern and southern hemispheres.

They are caused by atmospheric heating from solar radiation, and remain in place due to the force of inertia.

Mr Scribbler wrote on his environmental blog: “It’s the very picture of weather-weirding due to climate change. "Something that would absolutely not happen in a normal world. Something, that if it continues, basically threatens seasonal integrity."

The claims have gone viral online, but have been labelled as nonsence by scientists, who said people should rely on peer-reviewed studies published in scientific journals, rather than blog posts from researchers.

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