Sunday, 6 March 2016

On David Icke

I am taking a short holiday from the terrible news on every front - from runaway global warming to the Middle East and the battle between "Dorian Gray" Donald Trump and the mad bitch, Killary Clinton to try and make sense of eccentric conspiracy theorist, David Icke.  
Making sense of David Icke and his reptilians

I have started my Sunday morning with this interview of conspiracy theorist with Alex Jones.

I am troubled by both of these characters,partially because they both have huge followings but also because, despite the misinformation and balderdash that peppers their works they have an uncanny ability to point out some things that are true.

Here are Icke and Jones together.


Are they disinfo agents or agents provocateurs?

If they are shills for the Elite then why would this happen?

Icke claims his initial application was rejected in September, and he was forced to submit a second with detailed personal information and character references

It seems clear to me that whatever you think of his utterances the fact that he has 20 million followers means that he is a threat to the powers-that-be (he has already been denied entrance to Canada).

He is ridiculed as the man who thinks he is the son of God and believes lizards are ruling the world.

When you listen to his actual words what he does say is just a little more nuanced than how he is reported.

However, if you are an atheist then you will think he is simply barking mad.

I have to say that I am NOT an atheist and many of my insights have been "revealed" to me in the way Icke describes it. I would interpret the expericence very differently, however.

The following is the interview that ended his career on television and got him laughed at:

He is not the only person to believe that we are ruled by an evil cabal and that there are satanic rituals.

There is for instance, the example of Irish Jesuit priest, Fr.Malachi Martin who reportedly died under suspicious circumstances for blowing the whistle on something very similar in the Catholic church in his novel
Fr. Malachi Martin affirmed: Satanism has been practiced in the Vatican...

I have a good friend, (certainly no fool) who believes in this literally.

Am I to reject all this outright?

I have to say that some of what Icke says rings true and I have to leave the satanic rituals with a question mark but I have to confess that I cannot believe that all of this is being run by a lizard race and that the Moon is an artificial entity built by aliens.

Icke is one of those inconvenient people who I start listening to and I think “this guy is pretty on to it” and then he’ll say something so outrageous (usually about climate change) that I have to switch off.

Oh dear! There seems to be room for all sorts of different ideas in this era at the sunset of human industrial civilisation.

But who am I to condemn him

David Icke (and even Alex Jones who I find it extremely difficult to abide) are hardly the most evil people on the planet.

So that’s where I’ll leave it.

In the meantime here is David Icke in his own words -

And a sympathetic documentary about him from VICE.

Part two

David Icke's website is HERE

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