Friday, 18 March 2016

Catching up with Paul Beckwith - 03/17/2-16

I don't agree with everything Paul says, especially about geoengineering, but I had this to say on Facebook today

A few thoughts of my own.

The climate news gets worse and worse every day and is becoming more difficult for governments and media to ignore. The evidence is clear that there is no "solution" to this and we have already gone over a threshold and we are in an era of runaway climate change.

I cannot but accept the conclusions of Guy McPherson that we are on a fasttrack to the extinction of our species.

I also accept that while the evidence is clear there are many unknown variables in this so cannot say that this is inevitable and so cannot put a date on this.

One thing I refuse to do. Having accepted the evidence I am not going to turn that into an ideological position that I have to fight for. How can there be anything like an "extinction movement"?!

I bristle at suggestions that people like Robertscribbler have somehow "joined the ranks of the enemy" because they make public their faith that this can be "solved", either through renewables or geoengineering.

That is not my position and I will say it publicly.

But I will never attack any well-meaning person for expressing an opinion differing from my own when they play such a crucial role in conveying the truth about our predicament.

Consequences Of Catastrophic Climate Change


Suppose that your mom is sick. None of her brothers, sisters or children have taken her complaints seriously. Everybody has carried on with their own busy lives, thinking that mom was imagining things, and assuming that she was fine.
And then she took a turn for the worse. Everybody close suddenly realized that she was very frail and ill, depleted of her energy and resources. She was no longer the ageless, sacred source of life that nurtures all living beings.
Now, suppose that she is everyone’s mother. She is Mother Earth.
And her illness is abrupt climate change…” Paul Beckwith
Something that I put together March 12th in reply to interview questions with Will Fox at  Please forward, etc. Use as you want..

1) Hi Paul. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. First of all, could you tell us a bit about your background, how long you’ve been involved in climate science, and what areas of climatology you specialise in?
Hello Will. Thank you. It is my pleasure to have this interview with you.
I am an Engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Engineering Physics (often called Engineering Science) from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I finished at the top of my class and received many …’ [Click here, to go to the fully elaborated text, continues.]
———- ———-
Consequences Of Catastrophic Climate Change // Published on Mar 14, 2016

Never before in human history have we faced such a global-reaching upheaval like that underway today from early stages of abrupt climate system change. Will humanity continue its haphazard and disconcerted feeble attempts to address the gut-wrenching disruption and pretend that everything will work out fine as we spiral into civilization collapse? Or will we finally do what is required and treat the system turmoil as a global emergency far larger than we have ever faced before, and throw all our resources into surviving it?
Three-Legged BarStool For Surviving Climate Change // Published on Mar 14, 2016

Society desperately needs a multi-pronged approach to survive ongoing abrupt climate system change:
Leg 1: zeroing fossil fuel emissions
Leg 2: halting extreme Arctic temperature rise
Leg 3: removing CO2 from atmosphere/ocean
Without 3 legs society topples, like the barstool. A harsh reality…
Methane Warming At Least 34x Higher than CO2 // Published on Mar 14, 2016

My Methane Pet Peeve. Almost all reports (blogs, articles, newspapers, mainstream or not) incorrectly state that methane is 25x, or 24x or 22x stronger for warming than carbon dioxide. WRONG. Did I say WRONG. Over 100 years, the correct number from IPCC AR5 (2013) is 34x. It is 86x over 20 years, and up to 200x over a year or two. Methane lifetime is about 11 years in the atmosphere, but varies with latitude. The risk of large methane burps, especially in the Arctic is HUGE and growing.

Why WE MUST a) cool the Arctic, b) lower CO2 levels // Published on Mar 14, 20

We have run OUT of time on climate change. All heck is breaking badly. We must zero fossil fuel emissions, but this is not enough to restore climate stability. I discuss why and how we will cool the Arctic, and why and how we will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and/or oceans. There is no other option. If you are against this then DO NOT understand how severe abrupt climate change is, and what it will cost us. Basically, everything…


  1. I have removed a comment here which I regard as negative and contributing absolutely nothing to people's understanding. Robertscribbler has o e of the most useful comment sections on the Internet precisely BECAUSE he vets comments and removes certain comments. This is a site that is mostly bringing news from elsewhere that you won't find easily unless you're looking forward and so I am not much interested in comments unless they add something. Those that think otherwise can vote with their feet and go somewhere else where they can vent their prejudices.

  2. RobertScribbler is an excellent science & weather journalist, and he has made it well-nigh a religion to see some way out of the predicament. What's interesting now is whether and when he will change his tune, or like Michael C. Ruppert, prove incapable of doing so...