Friday 20 December 2019

Australia bushfires update - 20 December, 2019

Australia records hottest day 
ever for second day running

For a second day running, the record for the hottest day ever has been broken, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

20n December, 2019
Australia’s record for the hottest day ever has been broken — again.
After recording average maximum temperatures across the nation of 40.9C on Tuesday, Australia topped that yesterday with 41.9C, the Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed.
The previous record of 40.3 degrees was recorded on January 7, 2013.
A spokesperson for the bureau said temperatures pushed above 45C through much of the nation’s interior on Tuesday.
“This hot air mass is so extensive, the preliminary figures show that yesterday was the hottest day on record in Australia, beating out the previous record from 2013 and this heat will only intensify,” she said.
She said southern and central Australia would be 8 to 16C above average over the next few days.
A weak front will bring slightly cooler conditions to the far southern coast but the continued heat will maintain dangerous conditions in South Australia, with very high to extreme fire dangers forecast for northeast Victoria, NSW and the ACT.
Smoke will become a significant issue for populated areas in NSW and the ACT.
The bureau said “maximums across the board will be exceptional” for this time of year.
Alice Springs temperatures are forecast to exceed 45C for at least the next seven days.
Towards the coast, the heat will come in pulses, with peaks today, Friday and Saturday depending, on where you are.
Perth has seen 35C highs today with an expected dip to the mid-twenties over the next couple of days, then it’s back up into the mid-thirties on Saturday.
Adelaide has seen several consecutive days of scorching 40C-plus highs, and is tipped for 44C tomorrow. That will be followed by a dip to 25C on the weekend.
Renmark, in the Riverland, could reach 48C.
Melbourne can usually expect about 25C on an average December day. Not this week. The city saw a peak of 40C today and will reach 41C tomorrow.
Mildura is looking at 47C tomorrow, while Bendigo will settle between 42 and 44C this week.
Either (or both) of Thursday and Saturday could be Australia’s hottest single day ever. Picture: BSCH
Either (or both) of Thursday and Saturday could be Australia’s hottest single day ever. Picture: BSCHSource:Supplied
Hobart is expected to hit 33C tomorrow, with more average conditions on the weekend.
Being inland, Canberra can expect all of the heat and little of the relief this week — up to 39C tomorrow.
On Saturday, Canberra could top out at 43C and nearby bushfires could lead to smoke haze. It could be the city’s hottest day ever.
Sydney will hit 26C tomorrow and then zoom back up to 37C on Saturday. The cool change will come on Sunday.
As ever, it will be even hotter in the city’s west. Penrith will hit 33C tomorrow and then a sizzling 46C on Saturday, which will only help those fires.
Brisbane is expected to hover about 30-33C for the rest of the week with a maximum of 35C on Sunday.
In Darwin, it will be 35-36C for the foreseeable future with possible afternoon storms and a smattering of rain.
Aussie Bushfire Update: 
Australia smashes its hottest 
accumulated temperature 
for the second day running: 
The fires started in NSW on 
the 7th of Nov and will 
probably carry on burning 
through Jan 2020
19 December, 2019

Online, Sydney residents reported breathing problems and said they were "choking" on the smoke. The city has endured air quality surpassing "hazardous" levels for weeks, as about 100 blazes continue to rage throughout New South Wales (NSW). Credit Getty Image

Australia has smashed its National Average hottest accumulated temperature for the second day running when the average across the entire nation registered an average temperature of 41.9C (107.4F) To put that into context, 7 656 127 sq km averaged almost 42 deg C, 108 deg F.
Apart from the Botswana desert Australia dominated the worlds hottest temperature table during the last 24 hours. today's record is unlikely to last very long! Australia is set to become even hotter for the rest of the week. Australia is bracing for its highest recorded temperature ever which is currently 50.7C, (123 deg F). Full story

A shroud of smoke from Australia's bushfires containing high amounts of the tiny particle (PM2.5) which can cause lung cancer has caused chaos in Sydney, bringing dangerous air quality, setting off smoke alarms and ruining visibility in its beautiful harbour. The haze on Tuesday was described by many people as the thickest to blanket the city amid this year's fire crisis. Locals described the situation as "apocalyptic" and "insane", reported the BBC

The fires started in New South Wales on the 7th of November and will probably carry on burning through to late January when sufficient rain is expected to aid the exhausted firefighters. Strong wind warnings and 40 deg C plus temperatures in the coming days have turned Sydney, the home of nearly 6 million Aussies into a gas chamber.
Incredibly, Mr Morrison, Australia's Prime Minister suggested that the fires and smoke were not unusual seemed to defy the continuing run of record-breaking weather as well as repeated warnings from scientists and firefighters that the fire risk is worsening. New South Wales Environment Minister Matt Kean, a Liberal MP, made headlines last week after sternly warning that the hotter weather conditions were "exactly what the scientists have warned us would happen". This week, the Prime Minister faced further criticism after it emerged that he had gone on an overseas family holiday as the bush fire threat continues. The Strait Times

 Four bushfires have flared to emergency level, three homes have been destroyed and at least three firefighters have suffered serious injuries as temperatures climb past 41 degrees Celsius across Greater Sydney. Greater Sydney is enduring a dangerous day of heat and fires, with temperatures set to climb as high as 45C in the west and firefighters on alert for "the entire perimeter of Sydney". RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said firefighters battling the blaze in Balmoral, south-west of Sydney, had been seriously injured after being "overrun" by the fire.
This Severe Weather Update provides information on the fire danger conditions in NSW. Video is current at 12 pm AEDT 19 December 2019. For the latest weather and warnings, information visit and follow advice from emergency services.

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