Thursday 26 December 2019

A riposte

I just have to address this piece of nonsense from someone who I bet does not live anywhere near Australia.

There is no theory, conspiracy or otherwise – just the facts.

If I am theorising I say so.

I stand by this piece more than almost anything I have researched and written about.

Poorly disguised climate denial. What is happening was predicted 50 years ago by climate science, limits to growth, etc. It all is under the umbrella of OVERSHOOT! No conspiracies needed. Just the laws of physics, chemistry & biology Anyone who could not see it coming had/has their head up their ass. It's kinda amusing watching the never ending alternate explanations these deniers (all white, male & conservative)  (WOKE ideologyconjure up. No matter how bad things get they will never concede that they are wrong about AGW”

Idiots like this are captive to their own ideologies and wouldn't know a fact if they tripped over it.

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