Wednesday 18 December 2019

Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff's Case against Trump

"Mr Biden, you don't have to say anything but what you do say could be taken down and used as evidence against you".

Joe Biden perjured himself in a video in which he gloats in a Council of Foreign Relations video of exactly what Trump is being accused of.

It took no end of trouble finding these videos as they are unlisted by You Tube.

An unlisted YouTube video can be viewed by people who have the video link. It will not appear in public places, such as search results, your channel, or subscriber feeds. However, YouTube unlisted videos will appear publicly if shared in playlists or embedded on a website.

When I looked on You Tube for OAN its channel is there but nothing relating to Ukraine. If you search for OAN + Ukraine you get results frome everywhere EXCEPT OAN - all of it reflecting the propaganda by the entirety of the corporate media.

One America News 

Investigates: Ukrainian 

Witnesses Destroy Schiff's 



In this edition of One America News Investigates, Chanel Rion interviewed several witnesses, who destroyed Adam Schiff’s baseless impeachment case against President Trump. In a two part exclusive, Rudy Giuliani debunks the impeachment hoax and exposes Biden family corruption in Ukraine.

Part one

Part two

Part three

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