Thursday 26 December 2019

The 1969 off-the-recorded comments that predicted the New World Order

I have been working my way through one of David Icke's books (quite an achievement given the length!). I have been finding some nuggets, including this.

Because I don't think in terms of the New World Order (and have been somewhat sceptical to get confirmation is good.

David Icke - Hunger Games UN Agenda 21/30 and Dr. Richard Day Predicting Today's 

Technology in 1969

Transcript of Dr Lawrence Dunegan’s taped reminiscences of off-the-record remarks by Illuminati Insider, Dr Richard Day on 20 March 1969 can be read HERE

This should give a clue as to how blackmail is used in politics to get politicians to do the bidding of the elite.

This is the late Tory Whip during the Heath years, Tim Fortescue who served under paedophile PM Edward Heath

Tory Whip Would Help Cover up Potential Paedophile Scandal

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