Monday 30 December 2019

Further discussion on the drying of Australia

Is Australia being dried out 
by design?

Drought by Design - The Genociding of Australia

These links have been provided by Max Igan in his latest video;

Drought by Design - The Genociding of Australia: Patent RE29 142: Combustible Compositions For Generating Aerosols, Particularly Suitable For Cloud Modification And Weather Control And Aerosolization Process: Sparkler Compounds: Inferno In The Making - Aluminum Oxide: How Can The Same Place Burn Twice? Firefighters in Australia Say Situation 'Out of Control' as Prime Minister Denies Request for Emergency Aid: They Are Killing Us. Firefighter Blames Government for Australia’s Bushfire Crisis 7NEWS: Death DownUnder Water Fire & Control 21/30: Bushfire Devastates Adelaide Hills Vineyards: S100: Flood Plain Harvesting: Private Dams Are Being Built in Australia: Olam Selling Permanent Water Rights in Australia for $452.7m: Water Corruption Fraud Australian Government: NSW Considering Evacuating Up to 90 Towns if They Run Out of Water: Bringing the Defence Force into Australia’s Climate-Change Fight: Sydneysiders May Be Without Drinking Water in Two Years: Queensland Towns on 'Emergency' Water Rations: Scott Morrison Says Australian Drought is a "Necessary Evil": Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?:

Deagel Population Projections 2017-2025: Millions Affected by Victoria Falls Severe Drought: Flood Based Farming Systems in Africa:
Loope Ozzie - 1 December 2019 This Shows How the Rain is Blocked Coming into Australia:
List of 100 US Patents Related to Weather Modification: Petition Calling on the Governor General to Dissolve the House:

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