Wednesday 25 December 2019

A message from Sydney

Here is a comment in reponse to my article that I am taking the liberty of reproducing here, it made such an impact on me.

Kim is an American living in Sydney who is very familiar with the abrupt climate change predicament.

She knows what she is talking about.

Every word of this resonates with me. There is no AWAY anywhere on the planet but Australia seems particularly bad.

The “lucky country” they called it.

It feels sinister around here, and I believe that we are being ghettoised for nefarious purposes. 

"The water situation is much worse than even you are reporting. 

"I guess they are intending for this continent to be a mining camp for China, but it was a terrible waste of decent farmland. 

"I don't think even the potato man understands what is involved in exterminating a few dozen million souls. 

Or maybe they think we are as hardy as the indigenous population and we will somehow survive with no income, no crops, no food, and no water as they miraculously have. 

"Every thing inside of me tells me that remaining here is a death sentence. 

"Of course, not much else on the planet probably feels that different, but let me tell you it makes for a shitty Christmas.”

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