Monday 23 December 2019

Giuliani's fight against Ukraine corruption

This says, “Rod Gozinya Paranoia Inducing Satire, Satire and/or Conservative Fan Fiction”- so maybe it's satire? - I don't believe Ukrainian rivers to be piranha- infested.

Two Star Witnesses Against Biden Found Floating In River Ukraine

No matter how much the Democrats deny it, it’s clear that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, were involved in a quid pro quo corruption scheme involving themselves, the White House, the Ukrainian government, and several Ukrainian energy companies that resulted in a sweet aid deal to Ukraine and a fabulous, do-nothing job for Hunter.

Rudy Giuliani recently travelled across the Atlantic to investigate the corruption in cooperation with the Uke City Police Force and he had reported back about some success. Details are sketchy but what came through clearly was that Giuliani had discovered two witnesses to the illicit deal – and they were both willing to testify. They were said to be the final pieces in the case that would put the Bidens away.

But that has now changed. Late last night, Ukrainian authorities discovered two half-eaten bodies in the piranha infested waters of the River Ukraine. Today they had been positively identified through dental records as Wladimir Klitschko and Joseph Conrad – Giuliani’s two star witnesses – and were officially ruled dead by suicide.

The suicide ruling is suspicious as police on the scene had initially indicated that the men were bound at their wrists and ankles and appeared to have single gunshot wounds between their eyes. Doubtless, Giuliani will carry on to try to get to the bottom of this but the Ukraine is quite corrupt. Trump said that himself. We will hope for the best.

I feel this documentary series did not attract sufficient attention, so I am reposting

Part one

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