Saturday 20 July 2019

Trump and the British resort to the Big Lie

TWO hours after I received word that the Iranians RELEASED the second tanker the media are still sticking to their narrative and have yet to correct things.

What does truth matter in times like this.

President Donald Trump said Friday that the Islamic Republicn of Iran has endangered itself by seizing a pair of British oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

'Iran is showing their true colors,' he told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House has he departed for a weekend in New Jersey.

'Iran is in big trouble.'

The president warned that although the U.S. doesn't have many tankers in the Gulf because it is trending toward energy independence, 'we have a lot of ships there that are warships.'

He predicted the situation 'is going to work out very nicely,' in part because of an informal but 'longstanding' U.S.-UK mutual defense agreement.

'We have no written agreement, but we have an agreement,' Trump said of Britain. 'They've been a very great ally of ours. ... We'll be working with the U.K. They'll have a new prime minister soon, which is a good thing.'

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