Thursday 25 July 2019

Blackout in New Jersey

There have been a lot of blackouts recently

Large Slice of New Jersey Without Electricity - Storm or CYBER ATTACK?

Large Slice of New Jersey Without Electricity - Storm or CYBER ATTACK?
24 July, 2019

A large swath of New Jersey is without electrical power since about 10:20 Tuesday morning and some customers are being told the power will not be back until . . . THURSDAY!

While some customers lost power due to a powerful storm system that swept through yesterday, the Media Relations people at Public Service Electric & Gas were not shy about a CYBER ATTACK being the cause. One media relations person told workers at a commercial facility "If you ask me about a specific outage location, I can tell you if it is storm or cyber attack."

Since most of the severe storms had cleared out long before today's major outage around 10:20 AM, it now appears today's outage is largely caused by what may be a CYBER ATTACK!

If so, this would be yet another electrical utility in the US which has been attacked in past two weeks by "unknown" attackers.

Further info if it becomes available.

The National Weather Service says fierce straight-line winds generated by powerful thunderstorms swept through the state as a cold front pushed its way across a layer of steamy summer air.

There was a solid core of wind,” said Valerie Meola, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s regional office in Mount Holly. “It was unrelenting.”

So, how strong were those winds? Some gusts were estimated on radar to be as high as 80 mph, which are typically found in Category 1 hurricanes.

Here’s a look at the places across New Jersey that registered the highest wind gusts from late Monday through early Tuesday morning:

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