Monday 22 July 2019

Margo has a message about sulphur dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide Releases 

Connected to Earthquake 

Activity – 

Warning for North America (July 21, 2019) 

21 July, 2017

I’ve been studying Abrupt Climate Change closely for the last 1 1/2 years and have been reporting my findings from various sources on a regular basis. I’ve noticed a high release of sulfur dioxide to be a pre-cursor to earthquake activity and also evidence of volcanic activity. This last week, I saw alarming amounts of sulfur dioxide being released from the west coast of the United States all the way across half of the country, along with releases off the west coast of North America and other hot spots in the Pacific Ocean.

Very high releases of sulfur dioxide began in late June with the eruption of the Raikoke Volcano that sent two 43,000 foot blasts into the atmosphere after being dormant for 95 years. I’ve been monitoring these releases on CAMS on a daily basis and reporting frequently. The sulfur dioxide release I saw from that volcano was the most I’ve ever seen. This week as that large sulfur dioxide cloud was finally dissipating enough to see other activity, I saw what I described above. I reported my findings in the following video that has been posted on SubscribeStar for my private members. However, this is so important, I want others to know of the situation. I’m not posting this information on YouTube because of the censorship and attacks that could result.

Many geologists are saying the Cascadia subduction zone or the Northwest part of the United States will be hit with “The Big One” any time now. Many say that could lead to a Yellowstone eruption. There are also thousands of earthquakes swarming in the Southern California area where the ground is literally splitting apart for miles and miles. I’ve been reporting on this activity in daily earthquake updates since December.

The above described activity could indicate the crust is moving and magma is getting closer and closer to the surface. I’ve had visions of what is to come. What I’ve seen is that when things happen, it will be all at once and the whole earth will be affected, but especially the west coast of the United States. It’s probably too late for people to move and I’m not sure there will be safe places to move to. I’ve also seen high increases in methane levels and unprecedented melting of the Arctic Sea Ice in my daily observations. In light of all of this, I believe time is very short. If you’ve not given your life to Jesus Christ, it’s almost too late. This is a spiritual war for the souls. 

 God bless you. 

 I’m praying for everyone.

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