Monday 22 July 2019

NZ police stop free speech

Various street preachers preaching "fire and brimstone" have been in the background my whole life and there has never been any problem.

What has changed?

NZ Police Officer Threatens 

Whangarei Street Preacher 

With Arrest For Quoting 

Bible Verses

Northland Police officer stops free speech and threatened street preacher with arrest, the first time he has been threatened with arrest in 19 years of preaching on the streets of New Zealand. 

Police clearly breached the NZ Bill of Rights 1990 s14 and s15 "I was shocked that I didn't have the support of the police which I have always had in 19 years of street witnessing; My message has not changed in all that time: 

We are all sinners, I named a few sins so people know what they are guilty of in God's eyes and then showed them how to avoid His judgment and eternal punishment in hell. 

One Council security guard took offense and made false accusations to police about my preaching content. 

When officers arrived the one officer who stopped my free speech and threatened me with arrest if I continued, based on hearsay". No written complaint, not evidence, just biased hearsay. 

I wouldn't mind betting the security guards told the police I was making racist comments, which would be false.…

From the UK

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