Tuesday 30 July 2019

A report on Arctic ice - 29 July, 2019

Signs of MAJOR melt of 

Arctic sea ice

In the past few days the sea ice extent has crossed over into the record-low territory. I would expect this to become more so in the coming days
 This is sea ice concentration

What is most interesting about this .gif from the US Navy site is the FORECAST. Have a look.

A screenshot of the forecast for 5 August, 2019

This are sea surface temperature anomalies - all that warm water will be under the ice.

And temperature anomalies

And absolute temperature - well above zero in the Arctic Basin

Looking at NASA Worldview we can see many signs of melt, including signs of ice breaking up inside the 80N circle.

Image may contain: water and outdoor

The Beaufort Sea yesterday. Judging by the scale the blue water goes out 400+ km

Beaufort Sea. This breaking-up of ice extends to just short of the 80 deg N point

No photo description available.

In the Barents Sea within 80 deg N latitude.This is hundreds of kilometers

This is north of Central Siberia well within the 80 deg N latitude

No photo description available.
Well within the 80 deg N circle.

No photo description available.

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