Tuesday 22 January 2019

Comparing sea surface temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctica

A comparison of sea surface termperatures in the Arctic and Antarctica
Sea temperatures in the Antarctic in SUMMER compare with winter temperatures in the Arctic Ocean

Conditions in the Arctic

Temperatures are mostly hovering around zero degrees C, above the freezing temperature of a mixture of fresh and salt water, allowing methane to come up from below into the atmosphere.

Care for the Ozone Layer

Is methane coming up from below in warmer Arctic seas?



Sea surface temperature anomalies - 01/21/2019

Conditions in Antarctica

The sea surface temperature around Antarctica in summer are similar to the winter conditions in the Arctic Sea.

I also look at the sea surface temperatures in the Tasman Sea around Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand seas in 2018 hottest since records began, dire warning for marine life

Antarctic sea ice is ‘astonishingly’ low this melt season


  1. Robin, followers have been asking... why never any links for your data?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for leting me know. Sometimes I am in a hurry and forget. Corrected.

  2. Robin: seawater freecing point is about at - 1.4 to - 1.9°C. So the arctic ice must be rather slushy. Thanks for your time and great work!


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