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The truth behind cirrus clouds

This is cirrus cloud at 5 pm in Lower Hutt, just hours after we saw the clearest examples of contrails together with cirrus  clouds that showed clear sings of having been beamed with EMF (or at least that is how its showed itself to us)

This phenomenon must have become so obvious that the Dominion Post (stuff.co.nz) felt it necessary to mention them and muddy the waters.

This is mostly the realm of conspiracy theory.

I am wanting to find credible sources on geeongineering and the creation of cirrus cloud.

I prefer the work of Jim Lee of climateviewer.com on this to Dane Wigington. His work is detailed and replete with evidence rather than the assumptions of people in the 'chemtrails' movement.

His view of the IPCC and the mainstream climate community is that they talk exclusively of CO2 (TRUE) and ignore water vapour. We already know how they ignore methane.

The following are some excerpts from an article - #CirrusCloudsMatter: The Shady Truth About Contrails

Looking into cirrus clouds
CirrusCloudsMatter: The Shady Truth About Contrails
A tale of dirty clouds, greenwashing, geoengineering, “biofuels for contrail control”, and highly-visible climate change.

13 September, 2013

Download and freely distribute this PowerPoint Presentation:
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How language controls the “chemtrail” debate

If you remove all the slavespeak from the debate, Chemtrails and Contrails are both terms referring to clouds made by jet aircraft.
I choose to use the term “contrail” while talking to scientists because using the word “chemtrail” may cause them to discount the value of my words.
I choose to use the term “chemtrail” while engaging the public because using the word “contrail” tends to get you labeled as a debunker and may cause them to discount the value of my words.
Both chemtrails and contrails are high-level descriptors meaning they are highly argumentative and have different meanings based on the individual. However, the terms chemtrail and contrail are not alone:
Chemtrails may be the butt of jokes in your realm but the conversation is in serious need of a fresh start with some freaky facts. I have studied the topic of contrails, chemtrails, and aviation induced cloudiness for the last six years. I have come to this conclusion:


Staunch chemtrail conspiracy fans are firm in the belief that:
  • Clouds are intentionally being created. [Response: there is no way to prove or disprove this statement, therefore I avoid this trap.]
  • Secret pumps and pipes are installed in planes to achieve this [Response: In six years of research I have not seen one photo of a pump or pipe that I could not find the original and thereby see through the deception.Please feel free to prove me wrong, send photos to: jim@climateviewer.com ]
  • These clouds are filled with chemicals that: kill people, cause morgellons, mind control, transhumanism, and every other imaginable, intentional harm. [Response: This is FEAR PORN. This is preached by those who use your fear for profit. They turn a serious pollution/geoengineering issue into CONTRAIL CRACK and you get addicted to that fear. They make up their own terminology, induct you into their church, and rake in the money from ads and donations. Go shopping, stay scared.]
  • Most agree that these clouds are for either weather modification or geoengineering, and are controlled by secret government committees, military commanders, or corporate entities. [Response: Contrail cirrus clouds are both weather modification and geoengineering solar radiation management (SRM). A plethora of government agencies, scientific organizations, and industry bodies are involved in discussing how to deal with and/or take advantage of contrail cirrus clouds. PROOF IN THE INTERVIEW BELOW.]
Chemtrail Debunkers believe:
  • Contrails are just condensation, just harmless water vapor. [Response: Condensating on what? Answer: cloud seeds or aerosols like soot and metal nanoparticles. This matters A LOT.]
  • This is completely normal, nothing here to see, move along. [Response: What is normal about jet aircraft blocking out the sun, altering weather, and ruining an otherwise beautiful day?]
  • Contrail cirrus (nerd for chemtrails) is not used to harm people. [Response: I mostly agree with this statement.]
  • Contrails are not geoengineering. [Response: Incorrect. At best, contrail cirrus is "inadvertent weather modification" and "accidental geoengineering." At worst: aviation cloud creation services are administered, coordinated, and numerous historical documents tend to lean toward the latter.]
  1. Jet aircraft have been creating clouds that fan out and block out the sun since 1948!
  2. The airline industry was sued in 1970 by the state of Illinois and New Jersey for contrail-induced cirrus, but they called it "smoke pollution of the sky."
  3. The airline industry settled out of court, swore to clean up pollution and the clouds should go away. They did not.
  4. 10 years later, Chicago skies were still covered by clouds made by planes.
  5. September 11, 2001 all planes were grounded and scientists observed contrails fanning out to cover the sky. Their results were shocking to the scientific community showing contrail cirrus clouds were affecting the daily temperature range. Later in 2008 a volcanic eruption lead the observation of a single E3 AWACS plane covering all of the UK with clouds, leading to the conclusion that contrail cirrus may be affecting the climate 5000 times more than aviation CO2!
  6. These two papers have highlighted a major problem for the airline industry: they may face the largest carbon tax in historywhen the carbon tax cabal comes calling for their cloud bill. Clouds are the main terrestrial driver of climate change, and now that that cat is out of the bag the FAA, ICAO, and airline industry are shuffling their feet to either avoid creating contrail cirrus clouds or TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM.
  7. Chuck Long from NASA's CIRES said that airlines are creating ice haze that is brightening the sky and called this "Accidental Geoengineering." Scientists are now talking about how to alter jet fuel to cool the planet, avoid carbon taxes, and possibly even reap some carbon credit dollars for their "climate mitigation" cloud creation services.
  • Chemtrails
  • Persistent Contrails
  • Spreading Contrails
  • Contrail Cirrus
  • Contrail Induced Cirrus (CIC)
  • Contrail Induced Cloudiness
  • Aviation Induced Cloudiness (AIC)
  • Aviation Induced Cirrus
  • Induced Cirrus Cloudiness
  • Man-made clouds
  • Artificial Clouds
The term Artificial Cloud is the most accurate term as it cannot be argued with and is the lowest level descriptor.

The entire “chemtrail conspiracy” boils down to one thing: 

The problem with searching for intent is that it leaves people looking for a “smoking gun” or a “whistle blower” or a note from “the guy” who ordered planes to “spray” the world. This is actually a search for a “
straw man” and likely designed to waste your time. If you want to end planes making clouds, all the evidence you need is in this article and all that is needed is proper protest at the FAA, EPA, and ICAO in my humble opinion.

Are “rogue geoengineers” intentionally spraying material to create clouds that cover the sky or is this just a dirty, unregulated industry doing what fossil fuel industries always do, polluting? Based on the evidence we can show that the military has intentions to use carbon black dust to modify the weather for warfare purposes, and commercial aviation produces tons of carbon black dust.

Due to the overwhelming amount of propaganda surrounding the topic of chemtrails, I have researched for more than three years to “clear the air” on chemtrails as a part of something I dubbed “
Operation Clarity” and this is my final report. The information I present is based on information I have personally reviewed and is subject to change based on new evidence to the contrary.
There are three sides to every story. Your side, his side, and the truth.”
Conspiracy believers claim that chemtrails are a secret program that do X, Y, and Z.

Debunkers say chemtrails are contrails and are completely normal (IE harmless).

The truth is that artificial clouds are destructive to nature, harmful to health, and there is nothing “normal” about fire breathing metal tubes spewing nanoparticles at 30,000 feet.

Despite more than 60 years of jet aircraft “accidentally” geoengineering, scientists are now wanting to legalize global weather control. We must stop this, it’s time to get educated on how chemtrails work!
What makes cirrus cloud?

Answer: Soot, sulfur, metal nano-particles, water vapor, and static electricity to make things stick. Carbon Black Dust (CBD) and Carbon Black Aerosol (CBA), also know as soot, is coated in sulfur and shoots out of the rear of a jet engine. Water sticks to these sulfur-coated soot particles and clouds form. Soot is a cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and sulfur increases the likelihood of cloud formation.
First estimates of potential aircraft soot effects on cirrus with ECHAM4: depending on how background cirrus form, soot may lead to increases or decreases in ice crystal number density provided aircraft soot particles are good ice nuclei.” Particles and Cirrus Clouds (PAZI-2) Final Report (2004-2007)...

Are cirrus clouds a bad thing?

Yes, they create a Venus Effect by trapping heat, however the heating effect of chemtrails are seriously downplayed in atmospheric reports. It is no coincidence that the section covering contrails in the last IPCC report in 2007 was co-authored by at least five geoengineering SRM advocates. Their names are in bold:
Clouds and Aerosols Supplementary Material. In: Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Lead Authors: Paulo Artaxo (Brazil), Christopher Bretherton (USA), Graham Feingold (USA), Piers Forster (UK), Veli-Matti Kerminen (Finland), Yutaka Kondo (Japan), Hong Liao (China), Ulrike Lohmann (Switzerland), Philip Rasch (USA), S.K. Satheesh (India), Steven Sherwood (Australia), Bjorn Stevens (Germany), Xiao-Ye Zhang (China)
Contributing Authors: Govindasamy Bala (India), Nicolas Bellouin (UK), Angela Benedetti (UK), Sandrine Bony (France), Ken Caldeira (USA), Anthony Del Genio (USA), Maria Cristina Facchini (Italy), Mark Flanner (USA), Steven Ghan (USA), Claire Granier (France), Corinna Hoose (Germany), Andy Jones (UK), Makoto Koike (Japan), Ben Kravitz (USA), Benjamin Laken (Spain), Matthew Lebsock (USA), Natalie Mahowald (USA), Gunnar Myhre (Norway), Colin O’Dowd (Ireland), Alan Robock (USA), Bjørn Samset (Norway), Hauke Schmidt (Germany), Michael Schulz (Norway), Graeme Stephens (USA), Philip Stier (UK), Trude Storelvmo (USA), Dave Winker (USA), Matthew Wyant (USA)

The lead author of that report was Olivier Boucher, and his conclusion was that “large uncertainties associated with spreading rate, optical depth, ice particle shape and radiative transfer. A low confidence is attached to this estimate.” Four years later, Boucher made this statement:
Contrails formed by aircraft can evolve into cirrus clouds indistinguishable from those formed naturally. These ‘spreading contrails’ may be causing more climate warming today than all the carbon dioxide emitted by aircraft since the start of aviation.” Boucher, O. Atmospheric science: Seeing through contrails, Nature Climate Change 1, 24–25 (2011) doi:10.1038/nclimate1078.
Another researcher said:
A single aircraft operating in conditions favorable for persistent contrail formation appears to exert a contrail-induced radiative forcing some 5000 times greater than recent estimates of the average persistent contrail radiative forcing from the entire civil aviation fleet.” Haywood, J. M., R. P. Allan, J. Bornemann, P. Forster, P. N. Francis, S. Milton, G. Rädel, A. Rap, K. P. Shine, and R. Thorpe (2009), A case study of the radiative forcing of persistent contrails evolving into contrail-induced cirrus, J. Geophys. Res., 114, D24201, doi:10.1029/2009JD012650. – http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2009JD012650/abstract

Are cirrus clouds melting the poles?

.Is it possible that chemtrails are intentionally heating the planet to melt polar ice? Despite the warnings of the COP21 agreement that we must not heat our planet by more than 1.5°C, there are no mentions of atmospheric water vapor at all. They are only focusing on CO2 and greenhouse gases even though back in 1966 these same governments acknowledged that water vapor would heat the planet my more than 1.5°C. To make matters worse, the USA and Russia are now attempting to drill for oil and gas in the arctic:
 If there is a secret agenda behind chemtrails, melting the poles to extract oil and gas has to be at the top of the list.

Are cirrus clouds full of metal?

Answer: true. The IPCC reports on aviation pollution confirm that Aluminum, Titanium, Chromium, Iron, Nickel, and Barium are emitted by jet aircraft:
Aircraft jet engines also directly emit metal particles. Their sources include engine erosion and the combustion of fuel containing trace metal impurities or metal particles that enter the exhaust with the fuel (Chapter 7). Metal particles-comprising elements such as Al, Ti, Cr, Fe, Ni, and Ba-are estimated to be present at the parts per billion by volume (ppbv) level at nozzle exit planes (CIAP, 1975; Fordyce and Sheibley, 1975).
The fact that the IPCC’s estimates are based on 1975 research papers shows their lack of concern for metal particle pollution from planes. These two papers really break down the metals IN soot:
"The detected metallic compounds were all internally mixed with the soot particles. The most abundant metals in the exhaust were Cr, Fe, Mo, Na, Ca and Al; V, Ba, Co, Cu, Ni, Pb, Mg, Mn, Si, Ti and Zr were also detected." ABUNDANT: Chromium, Iron, Molybdenum, Sodium, Calcium, and Aluminum. ALSO DETECTED: Vanadium, Barium, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Silicon, Titanium, and Zirconium.
When jet aircraft switched from gasoline based fuel to kerosene (diesel) fuel the aluminum content of the fuels skyrocketed. See this chart Trace Element and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Analyses of Jet Engine Fuels: Jet A, JP5, and JP8:Aluminum and other metals in JP-8 jet fuel...Papers on Aluminum in Jet Fuel:

Are jet engine emissions dangereous?

Answer: TRUE. Cirrus clouds are filled with metals and most importantly sulfuric acid! The health effects of breathing aluminum and barium are well documented, but that most overlooked concern of chemtrails is this: ACID RAIN!
A High Flying Theory on Acid Rain Problem When I was in school (20 years ago) I heard about acid rain on a daily basis. Today, the term acid rain is rarely talked about. Geoegnineers prefer to talk about ocean acidification and blame that on carbon dioxide. Aside from acid rain and metals, aviation fuel and its additives are filled with cancer causing and trade secret ingredients. Here is a list of chemicals in jet fuel additives:

Jet Fuel Additives

  • Biocide – kills microorganisms that grow in the gas tank
    • Biobor JF – MSDS – Product Sheet – 2,2’ (1­methyltrimethylenedioxy) bis (4­methyl­1, 3, 2­ dioxaborinane), 2,2’ oxybis (4, 4, 6 trimethyl­1, 3, 2­dioxaborinane)
    • Kathon FP 1.5 – MSDS – Product Sheet –
  • Leak Detection Additive – detects leaks in fuel tanks and fuel lines
    • Tracer A (LDTA-A) – MSDS – Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6)
  • Corrosion Inhibitor/Lubricity Improver (CI/LI) – Additive contains a polar group that adheres to metal surfaces, forming a thin surface film of the additive, thereby improving lubricity and inhibiting corrosion. Most CI/LI additives contain dilinoleic acid.
    • Apollo PRI-19 – NO MSDS – No Product Sheet
    • Hitec 580 – MSDS – Product Sheet – PROPRIETARY (secret)
    • DCI-4A – MSDS – MSDS – PROPRIETARY (secret) – TRADE SECRET REGISTRY # 00850201001-5000 P
    • DCI-6A – NO MSDS – Product Sheet – A ‘stronger’ corrosion inhibitor than DCI-4A
    • Spec-Aid 8Q22 – MSDS – Aliphatic Petroleum Distillate 64742- 88- 7 30- 60 %
    • Tolad 351, 4410, 245 – NO MSDS – Baker Hughs Product Sheet
    • RPS-613 – NO MSDS
    • PWA-536 – NO MSDS
  • Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) – FSII is chemically composed of di-ethylene glycol monomethylether (di-EGME) which contains both a hydrophobic (water hating) and hydrophilic (water loving) portion. This structure allows the molecule to be soluble in both nonpolar fuel and in highly polar water. Having a higher solubility in water the FSII works by combining with any free water that forms and lowering the freezing point of the mixture so that no ice crystals are formed. It also has bio-stat properties thus preventing bio-material from growing.
    • EGME; Ethylene glycol methyl ether – MSDS – 2-Methoxyethanol 98%
    • DEGME; Diethylene glycol methyl ether – MSDS – 2-Methoxyethanol 100% – AKA Methyl CARBITOL
  • Static Dissipater Additive (SDA) – Stadis ® 450 increases the conductivity of the fuel, thereby increasing the rate of static conductivity of the fuel, thereby increasing the rate of static charge dissipation.
    • Sigbol – NO MSDS
  • +100 Additive – also known as HiTTS or S-1749, Increases the thermal stability of the fuel by 100ºF to ~425ºF in an effort to prevent engine deposits caused by fuel being used as a heat sink. The additive is a combination of a dispersant, antioxidant, and metal deactivator, which prevents oxidation reactions and keeps potential insolubles in solution rather than depositing out on the engine surfaces. – Army NO USE POLICY – The currently used +100 additive has a Dispersant/Detergent component that affects Army fuel/water separators increasing risk of water to enter fuel tanks. In addition, no benefit has been identified for Army systems
  • Turboline FS100 – MSDS – Solvent naphtha (petroleum),heavy aromatic 60 – 80%, BHT, butylated hydroxytoluene, Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy paraffinic, Naphthalene, Phosphonothioic acid, polyisobutenyl derivs., esters with pentaerythritol, N,N, Disalicylidene-1.2 Propanediamine, Xylene
  • Dupont JFA-5 – NO MSDS – Product Details – Ethylbenzene and xylene
  • Antioxidants (AO) – Required in fuels that have hydrotreated components. Antioxidants improve storage stability by preventing the formation of peroxides, gums, and insoluble particulates. Peroxides attack elastomeric fuel system parts, gums can cause engine deposits, and insoluble particulates can cause engine wear and plug fuel filters. AOs function as hydrogen atom donors that stop the oxidation process.
    • 2,6-Ditertiary-butyl phenol – MSDS
    • 2,6-Ditertiary-butyl-4-methyl phenol – MSDS
    • 2,4-Dimethyl-6-tertiary-butyl phenol – MSDS
  • Metal Deactivator Additive (MDA) – The only approved metal deactivator is N,Ń-disalicylidene-1,2-propane diamine. Metals like copper and zinc can act as catalysts for oxidative reactions of fuel. MDA inhibits the catalytic activity of the metals by creating stable complexes with the metal ions. source: JP-8 and other Military Fuels
    • N,N’-Disalicylidene-1,2-propanediamine – MSDS
    • N,N’-Disalicylidene-1,2-cyclohexanediamine – NO MSDS
Here is a breakdown of required additives in different fuel types:jet-fuel-additives-2008
Click here to view in high resolution


Biofuels, Carbon Black Dust, Sulfuric Acid, and Water Vapor Pollution are completely absent from the “chemtrail conspiracy” narrative and few activists have ever heard of these climate changing issues. This is a HUGE red flag. Please get educated if you intend to fix our skies and end chemtrails.
Based on what we know there should be no need for “smoking guns” or “whistle blowers.” Jet aircraft are geoengineering our skies, the military is involved, we are breathing metal particles, and these clouds are drenching us with ACID RAIN!


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